An Insight Into The Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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In recent years, there has been a dramatic shift from traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) towards Bio- identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). In case of HRT, the urine of pregnant horses is used to make hormones. Other synthetic hormones are used as well and, therefore, it is often termed as 'synthetic' hormone replacement therapy.


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An Insight Into The Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Why Is It Gaining Popularity Among Women Hormones   in   human   body   serve   as   messengers   controlling   and coordinating activities throughout the body. Hormones are released by endocrine glands into the bloodstream to reach specific target sites. Upon reaching the target site they deliver a message that instigates a specific action. With age the body begins to experience a hormonal decline or hormonal imbalance. This can trigger a negative impact on the quality of life and other bodily functions such as reproduction sexual characteristic etc. To   regain   the   hormonal   balance   people   often   turn   to   hormone replacement therapies.  Types: In     recent   years   there   has   been   a   dramatic   shift   from   traditional hormone replacement therapy HRT towards Bio­ identical hormone replacement therapy BHRT. In case of HRT the urine of pregnant horses is used to make hormones. Other synthetic hormones are used as well   and   therefore   it   is   often   termed   as   synthetic   hormone replacement therapy. On the contrary hormones used in BHRT are plant­derived and are on a   molecular   level   chemically   identical   to   the   hormones   produced

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naturally in our bodies. Synthetic hormones project a higher rate of risks and hence BHRT has grown in popularity among the women who choose it for relieving the symptoms of menopause. It offers a more natural   solution   to   hormonal   issues   due   to   the   similarity   in   the molecular structure of plant­derived hormones and hormones naturally occurring in human body. Benefits of BHRT: Although Bio­ identical hormone replacement therapy can be used to assist a hormonal decline in both men and women its typically used to ease the symptoms of perimenopause or menopause. • For menopausal symptoms BHRT is administered primarily to restore estrogen. • To improve other symptoms of menopause like mood swings sleep issues hot flashes etc.

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Associated risks and side­effects: There is a popular belief that the bio­identical hormones are safer and more effective as compared to traditional HRT. Although these beliefs are based on consumer experiences there hasnt been a large­scale reputable studies to prove the same. Research has highlighted that HRT may come with an increased risk of the following conditions and diseases: • heart diseases • breast cancer • High blood pressure • stroke In addition to the risks there may be some side­effects like: • acne • weight gain • abnormal vaginal bleeding • fatigue Why opt for BHRT even when there is associated risks BHRT   is   administered   to   improve   quality   of   life.   For   women perimenopause   can   be   a   disheartening   condition   which   can   lead   to serious issues such as depression and anxiety. Although there are risks associated with BHRT but these can be tackled with regular checks and better awareness in consultation with the practitioner. For More Information Visit Here: Click here for visit our website:

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