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John Hancock : 

John Hancock By Alex Caballero Global 10 Period 3

Early Life : 

Early Life Born in Braintree (Modern day Quincy) Massachusetts on July 12, 1737 Father died in 1744, He was forced to move to Lexington and live with his grandparents Had two siblings (Ebenezer and Mary) Adopted by Uncle (Thomas Hancock) who was single and did not have any children

Early Life (Continued) : 

Early Life (Continued) At age 13, graduated from Harvard College Had an extremely impressive resume and reputation, was well-known as being a future success At age 25, Uncle (Thomas Hancock) dies and leaves a third of his business and his entire estate to a young John Hancock

Life’s Work and Successes : 

Life’s Work and Successes March 17, 1765 – Named a Town Councilman at age 28 (youngest man in council) April 17, 1768 - Hancock’s ship (Lydia) was seized by British customs officials -Ship released and given back to Hancock after legal procedure October to December, 1774- Massachusetts develops first Provincial Congress  John Hancock elected as president

Life’s Work and Successes (Cont’d) : 

Life’s Work and Successes (Cont’d) May 10, 1775- Hancock is a new delegate of 2nd Constitutional Congress  elected as president July 4, 1776- John Hancock is the first person to sign Declaration of Independence 1779- chosen as a delegate to write the U.S. Constitution

Death of a Patriot : 

Death of a Patriot October 8, 1793 - At the age of 56, John Hancock dies. He was buried in Old Granary Burying Ground in Boston, Massachusetts

Famous Quote : 

Famous Quote “There, I guess King George will be able to read that.”  (This was the famous line he said after signing the Declaration of Independence)       “The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and to influence their actions.”

Work Cited : 

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