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Jefferson Finis Davis : 

Jefferson Finis Davis By: Cameron Kleinlein

Early Life : 

Early Life He was born June 3, 1808, the youngest of 10 children, in Christian Court, Kentucky His parents were Samuel Emory Davis and Jane Cook His family emigrated from Wales and moved to Virginia and Maryland in the 18th century

Early Life : 

Early Life He began education at Wilkinson Academy He was appointed to West Point in 1824 He graduated 4 years later as the 2nd Lieutenant of the U.S. Army He married Sarah Knox Taylor She died 3 months after the wedding from Malaria He remarried some time later to Varina Howell and had 6 children

Political Career : 

Political Career He first took a seat in the Senate for the first time on December 5, 1847 He was the chairman of the Committee on Military Affairs He left the senate to run for Governor of Mississippi He lost by 999 votes Without political position he help Democratic Franklin Pierce run for President Franklin Pierce won and made him Secretary of War He returned to Senate after Pierce’s term was up

The Civil War : 

The Civil War Davis resigned from the Senate as soon as he hear that Mississippi had seceded He became President in February 1861 He was officially sworn in November 1861 for a 6 year term He tried to buy Confederate land from union He was refused by Congress He asked Robert E. Lee to lead Confederate army in 1862 Ulysses S. Grant forced Davis and his cabinet to leave the Confederate White House on April 3, 1865 Because Grant’s army was about to capture Richmond Virginia

The End of the War : 

The End of the War Jefferson Davis and his Confederate Cabinet met for the last time on May 5, 1865 in Washington, Georgia Here the Confederate government was completely dissolved He was captured on May 10, 1865 After he was captured he was held in prison for 2 years at Fort Monroe, Virginia He was released on bail for $100,000 He was charged with treason but was never tried He was stripped of his ability to run for office

Davis Life after the War : 

Davis Life after the War He became president of the Carolina Life Insurance Company (1869) He presided over the funerial meeting of Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia (1870) He turned down the chance to become 1st president of Texas A&M University (1875) He promoted U.S. trade with South America (1876) Jefferson Davis dies in New Orleans at the age of 81 He died for unknown reasons

Legacy : 

Legacy He fought in Mexican-American War Senator for Mississippi Secretary of War President of the Confederate Union Father of 6 children Graduated from West Point & was 2nd Lieutenant of the U.S. Army He published a book about the Confederate Union called “The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government”

Work Citied : 

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