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Themne is a language spoken in the West African State of Sierra Leone.


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Click here to start LEARN THEMN ɛ

to slide 4:

to slide 4 Singular / Plural [Nouns] k ʌ bep t ʌ bep to slide 9

Slide 3:

Another meaning of ‘ k ʌ ’ Click to start to eat to write k ʌ di k ʌ gbal to slide 8

Slide 4:

The ‘ kʌ ’ Prefix and Nouns see SLIDE 2 the spoon the pestle to write to eat k ʌ bep k ʌ romp k ʌ gbal k ʌ di

to slide 7:

to slide 7 Another form of ‘ the ’ in Themn ɛ ɔ wathbera aŋ f ɛthabɛra the girl the girls

Slide 6:

The Boys Sing . Plu . ɔ wathruni aŋ f ɛ tharuni the boy the boys

see slide 5:

see slide 5 Older People Sing. sing. ɔ b ɔ rk ɔ ɔ lamgba the woman the man

to 9 10:

to 9 10 Short Sentences k ʌ di k ә fin ɔ To eat is good K ʌ gbal k ә fin ɔ To write is good see slide 3 Click

Short sentences:

Short sentences t ʌ k ʌ mi k ʌ bep Give me the spoon T ʌ k ʌ mi t ʌ bep Give me the spoon s How do you say…in Themn ɛ ? The spoon is good The spoons are good see slide 2 see Slide 8

Slide 10:

Themne base for ‘ sing’ is ‘ le ŋ ’ How do you say in Themn ɛ ….? To sing is good see slide 8 THE END

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