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HOW TO CATCH A SNAKE This tutorial takes you into the information about how to catch a snake. Read very carefully and understand its contents.

First step :

First step Be sure the snake is not venomous. Observe the snake’s length, its color, and other distinguishing features. Identify the species by thorough observation. If you are uncertain about what kind of snake it is, and are worried it might be venomous, call the local animal authorities as soon as possible and let them know before anyone gets hurt.

Second Step :

Second Step Get a stick or any other long slender object. Poke the snake with the stick. Firmly grasp its tail and lift it upward, leaving the front part of the body on the ground, but keeping your legs and own body as far away as possible .

Third step :

Third step Place the end of the stick under the front half of the snake. Lift the front half of the body off the ground. This will keep the snake calmer than if you grabbed its head, and will also let you control the snake’s position easily.

Fourth Step:

Fourth Step Release the snake into a new area with plenty of places to hide such as a stone, wall, or some bushes. Aim the snake’s head toward the hiding place and release the tail. The snake will immediately seek shelter to escape the predator that picked it up.

Fifth Step:

Fifth Step Wash your hands well because snakes and other reptiles sometimes carry bacteria. While usually a minor concern, there have been examples of serious illness and even death in humans who have handled reptiles that carry bacteria. Note that younger snakes bite more frequently when they are startled or scared. Another way of catching a snake

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