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God has created so many different types of animals! They are of different shapes and sizes and types. Some are small and some are big. Some are so small that we need a microscope to see them. Some are really big like the blue whale.

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Domestic and Farm Animals Animals like horses, cows , mules, sheep, fishes, etc. are farm animals . They not only provide us with meat , milk, eggs, wool etc. but also help in heavy work. Dogs, cats , birds and other animals that live with us in our homes are domestic animals . They depend on human for food , water and shelter.

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I guard your house. I give you wool. I give you silk thread. I give you honey. I give you milk. I give you eggs. I plough your field. I am a farmer’s friend. I make the soil good for crops

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Wild Animals Wild animals live in the jungle. We can also see them in the zoo. Zoo is the short form of Zoological Garden . The first zoo was started by a Chinese king. The cheetah is the fastest animals . It can run at a sped of 70 miles per hour.

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Aquatic Animals and Amphibians Animals that Live in Water are known as aquatic animals. Animals that can live both in water and on land are known as amphibians.

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Birds Birds are animals that usually fly and lay eggs. Migratory birds come to India from Siberia and different parts of the world.

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Insects Insects are also animals. They are tiny and found everywhere. Most insects have the following parts : wings, six legs, feelers, head, mouth, thorax and abdomen

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