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PowerPoint Presentation:

Water Who am I? I am tasteless, I am Colourless , I am shapeless, I am Odourless , But without me, there’s no life. Can you tell me who m I? Yes! I ‘m Water

Introduction to Water :

Introduction to Water Water is the most common substance found on the Earth. About 3/4 th of the Earth is covered with water. Water can be found in ponds, rivers, lakes, oceans and seas.

Three Forms of Water :

Three Forms of Water When cooled When heated When Frozen When heated When water is heated, it into steam changes or water water vapour. This water vapour is a gas, which can be changed into by cooling. When kept in the ‘freezer’ of a refrigerator, water will change into solid ice. If you keep the ice in a warm place, it will change into water.

Three Forms of Water :

Three Forms of Water Water exist on the Earth in its three different states. Ice Water Water Vapour Earth is the only planet that support all these three states of water –solid, liquid, gas. When cooled When heated When Frozen When heated

Properties of Water:

Properties of Water ~ Water is colourless. ~ Water has no smell. It is odourless. ~ Water is tasteless ~ Water is shapeless

Sources of Water:

Sources of Water Water is found in rivers, seas, oceans and lakes. It is also stored underground. Ocean :- The ocean water is salty , so we can not drink it . River :- It is a channel of water. Melting snow from the mountains and rain provides water to the rivers. Rain :- When water vapour in the air cools , it falls down as raindrops. Rain is the purest form of water

Sources of Water:

Sources of Water Water is found in rivers, seas, oceans and lakes. It is also stored underground. Waterfall :- Water falling from a height is called a waterfall. The world’s biggest waterfall is the ‘Niagara falls’. Well:- Wells are an important source of water in the Indian villages. A deep hole is dug in the Earth’s crust to make a well. Spring :- It is stored underground water, which seeps from an opening in the ground.

Sources of Water:

Sources of Water Water is found in rivers, seas, oceans and lakes. It is also stored underground. Pond :- It is a small body of water. It usually has many animals living near or in it. Tap:- We get water from taps in our homes.

Uses of Water:

Uses of Water Living things needs water to survive It is used for producing electricity

Uses of Water:

Uses of Water It is home to aquatic animals and plants Human beings need water to cook food It is used for washing and cleaning Plants need it to prepare in presence of sunlight It is used for transportation

Water and Human Beings :

Water and Human Beings The body uses water in many ways: Water helps in making blood. It keeps our body cool duringsummer by making us sweat. It throws wastes from our body in the form of urine. It quenches our thirst.

Water and Plants :

Water and Plants Plants also depend on water in many ways: Plant need water for their survival and growth. They make their food with the help of water ,sunlight, carbondioxide and green pigment( chlorophyll) in their leaves.

Water and Animals :

Water and Animals Just like Plants, animals too need water to live! Aquatic life: the word “aqua” means “water”. Plants and animals that live in water are called aquatic plants and aquatic animals respectively. Animals that live on land as well as water are called amphibians. Frogs and toads are amphibians. Here are some aquatic animals.

Water Conservation :

Water Conservation Every drop is precious! Water conservation means to reduce the use of water. This can be done by finding the ways to reuse water.

Water Conservation :

Water Conservation Ways to Save Water Do not let the water run while bathing , washing, brushing teeth, shaving etc. Use bucket instead of shower while bathing Collect water used to rinsing frits and vegetables, then reuse it to water houseplants.

Water Conservation :

Water Conservation Water cycle Nature recycles and reuses its resources. Water is one such resource which gets recycled in the water cycle.

Monsoons or Rainy Season:

Monsoons or Rainy Season The word ‘monsoon’ originated from the Arabic word mausim which means ‘season’ and denotes the rainy season. Insects during rainy season Rain water collects in puddles and empty containers. This is the ideal place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Malaria and dengue fever are among the main diseases that can develop in stagnant water.

Monsoons or Rainy Season:

Monsoons or Rainy Season How a rainbow is formed? A rainbow is one of the most beautiful marvels of nature. When sunlight passes through drops of rain, they spilt into seven colours of the rainbow. V- Violet I – Indigo B - Blue G - Green Y- Yellow O- Orange R- Red

Monsoons or Rainy Season:

Monsoons or Rainy Season Rainwater Harvesting Rainwater harvesting means conserving rainwater. We need to save rainwater because *rainwater is clean *rainwater is a precious resource *we can use this water for many useful purposes.

Water Sports:

Water Sports What is common between fishing, rafting and sailing? Yes ! Water is common to all these water activities. Water skating Sea diving Water Acrobatics Water polo Water rafting fishing

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