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The industry communication & intelligence network

The Problem:

The Problem Data has changed… More data More sources Changing at rapid pace 1 CONFIDENTIAL Industry Software hasn’t Current software was never designed to support today’s increasing volume, variety and velocity of change Systems were built for a desktop paradigm You have to find the data, the data doesn’t find you Communication was never integrated Closed, disconnected silos

The Solution – a Network:

PetroFeed is a Network of connected professionals. The Network enables a new generation of data, applications and communication services to be developed and commercialized. The Solution – a Network 2 CONFIDENTIAL

Recent valuations of Networks:

Recent valuations of Networks 3 CONFIDENTIAL Initial emphasis is on getting as many users into the network as possible which creates a highly defensible competitive position Value is not based solely on initial sales. Value is in creating a long term audience that you can efficiently sell into

Network Business Model:

Network Business Model 4 CONFIDENTIAL STAGE 1 STAGE 2 STAGE 3 Goal: High rate of penetration with key user groups as fast as possible Goal: Sell into network Goal: Foster 3 rd party development community Result Network becomes entrenched Adoption creates further Incentive for new users to join Result Get users in the billing system Break even Attract 3 rd party developers Result ↑ ↑ Revenue ↑ ↑ Applications ↑ ↑ Ind. Innovation

Adoption Strategy:

Adoption Strategy Asset teams are the hub of communication and flow through point of industry CAPEX. If we capture the Asset Team as an audience it will create a strong barrier to entry and drive adoption of everyone lower in the communication channel. Our initial target group is Canadian Land. Working with CAPL to push to entire group quickly. Offering core services catered to their needs free of cost 5 CONFIDENTIAL


There is a fundamental process found throughout business. PetroFeed’s core network services make process more efficient and can adapt to any need by changing the inputs to meet specific use cases. Communication 6 CONFIDENTIAL

PowerPoint Presentation:

PetroFeed Inc. 102A, 9705 Horton Rd SW Calgary, AB T2V 2X5 P. (403) 921-9500 F. (403) 640-4934

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