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How to Increase Blog Traffic 1. Be Strategic About Your Content To find the target audience is a very difficult task but it’s the centerpiece to entire strategy. After identifying the target audience. Figure out exactly where they go online and don’t try to spread yourself too slight. Make sure that you are producing valuable content- not only into your blog but also on your social accounts. The main objective here is to find out which types of content your viewers is and isnt interested in so you don’t misuse your time creating the incorrect type of content. 2. Don’t Fear the Keywords Keyword is the most powerful thing which is used in any writing Most business holders shy away from integrating keywords into their online content due to sense inundated. At the time of keyword selection keep it simple. Before you started selecting keyword keep it in mind that for whom you selecting and what is the purpose of keyword selection 3. Band Together with other bloggers There are lots of group for bloggers where they can share their views and blogs Some are define here Mastermind Groups Mastermind is a group for bloggers where they can share idea and knowledge. It is not specific for bloggers only a professional can also can be include who have master in that field. Guest Posting Guest posting is the main way bloggers may decide to collaborate with each other. It may be a trade where they post on your website and you post on their website.

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Group Projects In Group project number of people comes together to form a group for particular reason like a group of bloggers may get together to produce a chapter of an eBook. 4. Share More Than Once When you repost your content there are lots of benefits from that in which some benefits explained here a. More traffic When you share your content more than once you can drive more traffic than its initial share. You can share your blog on all social media account. b. Reach your new followers Sometimes it happens that our posts are relevant months after display on social media. It possible that after publish some post we make other friend also so if we repost our old content many of our new follower seen it for the first time.

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