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Symptoms & Sign Of Each Disease:

Symptoms & Sign Of Each Disease Presented By- Aman Mathur Email . Website-


Introduction Here we discuss about the Sign of Disease and how to remove this disease in our body. There are many Disease in our body like: vaginal-yeast, asthma, stroke, kidney-stone, diabetes, uti , heart-attack, etc. This is the example this type of many disease in our body of. This type of Disease are harm our body.


KIDNEY STONE Kidney stone is basically a very hard and crystalline substance which gets formed within our urinary tract or kidney. The stone of kidney is also known hematuria .


Heart-Attack The heart attack is a situation in which the flow of blood towards the heart is blocked due to which the tissue loses oxygen and dies. A heart assault happens when there is a sudden finish blockage of a conduit that provisions blood to a zone of your heart.


Asthma Asthma is basically a disease of lungs in which the breathing rate gets affected. The basic cause of asthma is the chronic problems in the passage of breathing.


Conclusion In the end of discuss you have any query then you can visit our site give a suggestion in comment box. I hope you enjoy our PPT and make balance in your life and enjoy your life without any tension.

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