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7 Romantic Destinations for Honeymoon Travel in Europe By Welgrow


For centuries, Europe has been an epitome of romance for innumerable couples. Hence, when it comes to planning a perfect honeymoon, no one can undermine the serene, romantic and intimate destinations for Honeymoon Travel in Europe . Regarded as one of the favorite spots for honeymooners from all parts of the world, Europe has emerged as an ideal gateway promising a lavish and fairytale experience. Epitome of romance for innumerable couples By welgrowgroup


Given below are seven chosen destinations for Honeymoon Travel in Europe :   Santorini The island of Santorini in Greece, dotted with many romantic boutique hotels, is one of the most spectacular destinations for honeymoon travel. With its huge caldera created by a volcanic eruption, Santorini is famous for its pristine beaches and archaeological delights. You may try some of the best wine at a local tavern, as it is the choicest beverage here. D estinations for Honeymoon By welgrowgroup


  The enchanting city of Venice, aptly called the ‘City of Water’ is an archipelago of 118 inhabited Islands interlinked to each other by bridges in the beautiful land of Italy. This real paradise on earth is an amalgamation of pristine canals, rivers, monuments, castles, theaters and luxurious resorts with exotic nightlife and pub culture, ideally blending ancient architecture with modern luxuries. City of Water By welgrowgroup


By Welgrow Paris, the capital city of France, also known as the ‘City of Lights’, attracts a large chunk of tourists from all around the world for its unforgettable ambience and sightseeing spots. The gentle River Seine flowing through the city is flanked by centuries-old churches, stately museums, graceful bridges, and vast stretches of natural beauty. The city of ‘many splendors’ besides Eiffel Tower, boasts of rich heritage including Louvre Museum, Notre Cathedral, Arc Di Triomphe , Versailles Palace, Place de La Concorde, Opera Garnier , and Canal St-Martin. City of Lights


By Welgrow Perched atop seven hills, Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a coastal city known for its cafe culture and soulful Fado music. Ancient architecture, unwinding hills and winding alleys, coupled with plenty of affordable hotels to choose from, make Lisbon an attractive choice for newly weds. Lisbon is widely known as Europe's most soulful, captivating and picturesque capital city. Cannes


By Welgrow Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic, is also known as the cultural and economic headquarter of Central Europe. With 1100 years old history, the charming city is dotted with numerous theatres, cathedrals, galleries, palaces and monasteries, which fuse with its world class dining and nightlife, making it one of the favorite honeymoon destinations. Prague


By Welgrow The City of Zurich in stunning Switzerland, emerged from the mouth of Lake Zurich and Alps in the background, offers numerous outstanding views in and around the city. With exotic nightlife, stupendous dining and spa in luxurious resorts, Zurich is a real delight for honeymooners from around the world. The above ideal destinations for Honeymoon Travel in Europe will surely prove an to be an experience of a lifetime for the newlyweds. Zurich


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