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Made by Pankaj Singh of class 11-A, K.V.Birpur (2012)


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King Tutankhamun :

King Tutankhamun His short life and unexpected death!!!

The Crowning of a Young Pharaoh:

The Crowning of a Young Pharaoh He was crowned King or Pharaoh in 1332 B.C. He was nine years old. His wife Ankhesenamum or Ankhesenpaaten, who was also his half sister.


Parents The parents of Tut, are supposedly King Akhenaton and Queen Kiya. Kiya was one of Akhenaton's secondary wives.

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Some of His Treasures

The Death of A Pharaoh :

The Death of A Pharaoh King Tut died in 1323 BC. There are 3 possible suspects for this “supposed” murder: -His Wife -Horemheb- Commander-in-chief in the army and Deputy of the king -Ay- Chief Advisor

The Hurried Burial:

The Hurried Burial King Tutankhamen was buried in hurry. His tomb wasn’t even finished yet. The cause of this was his young death at the age of 18. Although it is the smallest tomb of a pharaoh to be found, it holds the greatest treasures to ever be found in an ancient Egyptian tomb.

The Discovery:

The Discovery Howard Carter discovered the tomb in 1923. It took 10 years to catalog, excavate, and transport all of the treasures.

The Mummies Curse:

The Mummies Curse The curse of Tutankhamen is a legend, at that. Lord Carnarvan was bit my a mosquito and got malaria and died, at the same time Carter’s bird was eaten by a King Cobra.

Behind the Mask:

Behind the Mask Tutankhamen's face has been revealed due to new technology, and effort.

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