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N&T System Furniture Constructor was established in 1993 and through the years of experience, we are able to design and build corporate and commercial projects and keep improving our quality to serve our clients. Our company have a group of capable management, sales , design and project teams who are professional in handling a comprehensive range of interior design / renovation projects . WELCOME TO Singapore Interior

Slide 3: Our Service Office Renovation Contractors Interior Renovation Contractors Office Interior Renovation Contractors Renovation Contractors Interior Renovation Interior Designers Office Interior Designers Office Interior Renovation Office Renovation Office Furniture

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If you want to give a new look to your house or workplace, then there is no doubt that Singapore Interior is an ideal place for you. This is the firm, which has the well-versed interior designers. These interior designers can accomplish a number of tasks for you. They can do home or office interior renovation or can design the entirely new interiors for your houses and workplaces. Office Interior Renovation

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Office Interior Designers There are different types of services, which are offered by Singapore interiors. In the interior design services, we can mark commercial design and space planning. The home and office interior designers of this firm have the expertise in this regard. Besides, a wide variety of interior fittings can be witnessed here.

Slide 6: Carpet & Vinyl Tiles Carpet is the thing, which attracts the attention at the first place, when someone enters a house or an office. So, the carpets installed should be preplanned. The designers have the knowledge about the latest patterns available in the market. On the other hand, the vinyl tiles of distinct patterns can also be found in the market, and they are also the perfect means to decorate the places. Here also, you can take the help of the interior designers of Singapore Interiors.

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False Ceiling & Partition The partitions are the common things in the offices, but how they should be made is one of the major questions without any second thought. On the other hand, the plaster ceiling is also made to give a perfect look to the places, especially the offices. The plaster ceilings are often termed as false ceilings.

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The doors and locksets are the first sources of security of homes and workplaces. There are different varieties of these entities available in the market today. The lockets with excellent systems can be obtained from the market. The doors and locksets are also a type of decors these days, which is why the designs of these items matter a lot. Doors & Locksets

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CCTV Cameras The CCTV Cameras have become the best sources of security these days. The CCTV Cameras help the individuals to keep track of a place. On the other hand, all the activities of the place, where the CCTV Camera has been installed are recorded, so in case of any criminal activity, the intruders can be easily captured. At many of the places, the thieves or burglars have been caught with the help of CCTV Cameras.

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SINGAPORE INTERIOR PTE LTD 72 Bendemeer Road , # 03-26/27, Luzerne , Singapore 339941 Tel : +65 6323 9213 | Fax : +65 6234 0459 General enquiries: Contact Information

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