Some Great Tips for Mind-Blowing Aerial videography

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Some Great Tips for Mind-Blowing Aerial videography Aerial videography is used for a number of purposes. There was a time when it was used only in the movies after taking special permission. However, today, it is used extensively for commercial and promotional purposes as well. The kinds of videos you can shoot from the sky definitely have an upper hand over the videos shot from the ground.

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Choosing the right height Singapore aerial cinematography by INFINYTE Media is all about going high in the air to take the videos. But how high should you really go? It all depends upon the type of video you are shooting. However, it is usually recommended that you do not go above 400 ft for safety as well as creative reasons. If you will go too high, you will not be able to get the clear picture.

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Patience is important If you want to take some really mind boggling videos with Singapore aerial cinematography then you will need to develop the virtue of patience. The reason is in fact quite simple. While the height does provide a great perspective, you may not always get what you want. For instance, if there is a cloud cover, the light may be low. Hence, you may have to wait for the sky to clear before you can take the videos.

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Use the right tools The use of right tools can spell the difference between a great video and an average video. Depending upon the weather condition, light condition, and the location, you may require different tools for videography . So, to make sure that the videos are mind blowing, you will need to use the right tools including the lenses and the type of camera. Different settings require different lenses.

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