Video Pre-Production Planning Check-list

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Video Pre-Production Planning Check-list

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Video is one of the most popular way of interaction these days when it comes to commercial marketing. Video marketing is the best in today’s time as it drives more traffic increases organic reach and that may result in better sale. While planning for a video you should plan everything according to your video before starting the production and that is what pre- production is. You can also complete your project without pre- production but the project will not meet all the expectations of the audience and may not give the result that you are expecting.

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There are many stages and one of the main stages is pre-production that is the base of the video. There are many steps in this stage of video production listed below:

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Determine your audience and message It is very important to determine your audience and the message of your video before you start planning. The message in the video should be crisp and clear that the audience should understand in the one go. You should know what type of audience you are targeting and based on that you should plan or think of your video that what your audience would like or understand and the way you can present your message in front of them. You will have a good idea of your concept when you know what message you want for your audience and what your audience is expecting from the video.

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Define budget It is important for you to know your budget. The budget of your video project depends on how big your project is if you are doing a small project then the budget will be less however if you are doing a big project then your budget will be higher. Also you should keep in your mind that the final expenses will be more than what you expected as it depends on the quality of the video and audio in your project. Always consider your brand image while shooting a video for your company and the quality should meet your brand image.

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Write script This is also an important step in video pre-production. You have everything in your mind now like the objective of the video message behind the video and the output you are expecting from the video. It’s time for you to write down script of your video you should write the script of your project more than once and review it again and again till the time the script is clear and delivers your message in the best possible way.

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Storyboard Now you are done with the planning and have also written the script now it’s time to spend some time with the artist designers to create the visuals according to your script. Storyboard is the important for you and your team but at the same time it is much important for the artists actors and other crew members to get the idea of the visuals that they have to recreate while shooting. It is important to create video content that memorably engages the viewers and that will drive intent to purchase. We at Sinema Films produce video content for several mediums like TV social and short films.

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Create production schedule Creating a production schedule is also important for you as you as it will not only tell you how the production will take but it will also help you a lot during production. It will show you the equipment you are using and will show you the shots that you need to get. Everything will be at one place in a proper scheduled way so that you should not miss out on anything during the production process.

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Selecting location Selecting a location is also very important and it may take some of your time as there are many things that you have to look at while selecting a location. You should know what you will expect from your location what all shots you will be taking there and also what type of challenges you may face at the location while shooting.

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List down your equipment You should list down all equipment you will need to have for your shooting. While selecting equipment remember following things: 1- What you will need for lighting 2- Will you need a night vision or waterproof camera 3- What all you need in terms of audio 4- What all different type of cameras you will need These are the main steps that you will need to follow while planning for pre-production.

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About us Sinema Films is one of the premier video production companies in New York. We produce stunning engaging content for our agencies and brands.

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