The Telemetry Technician Position within Cardiac Care

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Telemetry is an important type of technology that allows cardiac care providers to monitor the activity of a patient's heart from a remote area. A technician is someone who is employed as an unlicensed assistant and who is responsible for helping licensed providers with routine tasks associated with patient care. Since technicians are not licensed within most states, it is important for them to demonstrate competence and professionalism through the acquisition of formal credentials such as national certification. Although there are no certifying exams that are specific to telemetry, those that cover cardiac care in a broad way are more than sufficient for the technician working in the field. To learn more about local opportunities, individuals are encouraged to contact potential employers to inquire about their expectations.


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+ Telemetry Technician Credentialing Opportunities

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+ What is a Telemetry Technician  Unlicensed medical provider  Works under the supervision of a nurse or physician  Employed by cardiac care department  Assists with monitoring heart disease patients  May be responsible for several activities  Also known as cardiac technician or EKG technician  Few educational or credentialing requirements

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+ Demand for Technicians  High due to increased prevalence of heart disease  Secondary to chronic diet and exercise related illnesses  Diabetes  Hypertension  Obesity  Heart disease has become top cause of morbidity  Has created many new job opportunities for technicians

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+ Entry Requirements  High school diploma or GED  Prior experience is a plus  Basic orientation and training  Hands on experience  National certification is often expected  Other credentials help secure open positions

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+ Certification Options  National Healthcareer Association NHA  Certified EKG Technician CET  Cardiovascular Credentialing International CCI  Certified Cardiographic Technician CCT  Broad examinations designed to evaluate the competency of the entry-level cardiovascular technologist  Not specific to telemetry  Does include questions on the administration of telemetry

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+ Advanced Options  Primarily developed for nurses  May need to acquire nursing credentials  American Association of Critical Care Nurses AACN  Progressive Care Nurse Certification PCCN  Adult Tele-ICU Acute/Critical Care Nurse Certification CCRN-E  More in-depth relating to telemetry  Designed for nurses working in acute critical intensive and progressive care

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+ Benefits of Credentials  Preserve the profession amidst regulatory changes  Demonstrates competence  Received better by patients and peers  Regarded as more professional and knowledgeable  Higher salary  Better benefits  More employment options

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+ Resources  Telemetry Certification 

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