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Green Marketing:

Green Marketing . This is the right thing we can do for our planet………


History… Green Marketing

What all is Green Marketing…?:

What all is Green Marketing…? Recycling Environmental Organic Waste Reduction Energy Efficiency Sustainability Gas Reduction Pollution Free Global Warming Bio Degradable Reduce Reuse Disposable

Marketing was …. :

Marketing was …. Think how to make more consumption

Whereas GREEN will be…:

Whereas GREEN will be… When we will think how to consume less


Definition…. According to the “American Marketing Association” green marketing is the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe. Thus green marketing incorporates a broad range of activities including product modification, changes to the production process packaging changes as well as modifying advertising



Why companies are shifting to green marketing…?:

Why companies are shifting to green marketing…?

Slide 9:

Limited Resources Fear of extinction New source of increasing profits Government Regulations and pressure Taking it as a their social responsibility

Includes Aspects…:

Includes Aspects… Product Modification Changing Production Process Packaging Changes Modifying Advertisement

Product Modification….:

Product Modification…. Most popular example of car… Toyota hybrid car… TOYOTA PRIUS

Tide cold water :

Tide cold water

Changing Production Process…:

Changing Production Process… Nokia recycling its old worn out handsets donated by customers

Packaging Changes….:

Packaging Changes…. Case- Mc Donald’s replacing its clamshell packaging with paper packaging

Modifying Advertisement….:

Modifying Advertisement…. Those that promote a green lifestyle by highlighting a product or service e.g …Idea Telecom

Slide 16:

Ads that present a corporate image of environmental responsibility e.g …Woodland in collaboration with MTV INDIA

Green Marketing and Greenwashing….:

Green Marketing and Greenwashing …. Clean up your act, not your image…….

What is greenwashing….??:

What is greenwashing ….?? It is a term describing the deceptive use of green marketing in order to promote a misleading perception that a company's policies or products (such as goods or services) are environmentally friendly.

Countries having regulation bodies….:

Countries having regulation bodies…. Australia - Australian Trade Practices Canada - Canada’s Competition Bureau and Canada Standard Association U.S.A - Federal Trade Commission

A new step to promote Green Marketing….:

A new step to promote Green Marketing….

Best Green Mixed Media Award (Integrated)….:

Best Green Mixed Media Award (Integrated)…. Toyota Sweden AB –“Toyota Glass of Water” (Sweden)

Some screenshots…..:

Some screenshots…..

Carbon Emission Programme….:

Carbon Emission Programme …. Black Balloons Energy Saving Campaign.

Slide 24:

Replacement of Incandescent bulbs with Flourescent bulbs

Comparison between Incandescent bulbs with Flourescent bulbs…..:

Comparison between Incandescent bulbs with Flourescent bulbs…..

Recently IndusInd Bank opened its ATM powered by Solar Power……:

Recently IndusInd Bank opened its ATM powered by Solar Power……

Some Interesting Facts…:

Some Interesting Facts… 1 Recyled tin can would save enough energy to power Television for 3 hours 1 recycled glass bottle would save enough energy to power a computer for 25 minutes 70%less energy is required to recycle paper compared making it from raw material Recycled paper produces 73% less air pollution than if it was made from raw material

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