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MachPanel - Web Hosting Control Panel - The Next Generation Hosting Controller for Managing Traditional and Enterprise Web Hosting Business via single interface alongside Integrated Billing, Helpdesk and Network Monitoring Systems.


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MachPanel v4.3:

MachPanel v4.3 PowerPoint has new layouts that give you more ways to present your words, images and media. MachPanel

MachPanel Provisioning System:

MachPanel Provisioning System MachPanel Control Server Provider Control Centre ( PCC ) Reseller Control Centre ( RCC ) Customer Control Centre ( CCC ) MachPanel Remote Server MachPanel Extensions Traditional/Shared Web Hosting Extension Enterprise Extensions ( MachPanel Cloud Hosting)

MachPanel Control Server:

MachPanel Control Server MachPanel Control Server is the central provisioning system that is responsible to integrate, facilitate ALL hosting services (Traditional and Enterprise) and offers unified management of the said services. It communicates with the Remote Servers to automatically provision the services. MachPanel Control Server is the complete answer for integrated, efficient and robust unified hosted services management. It is the Central Server for Control of all hosting services and responsible for communication with Remote Servers.

Management Hierarchy Diagram:

Management Hierarchy Diagram Provider Control Centre ( PCC ) Reseller Control Centre ( RCC ) Customer Control Centre ( CCC ) MachPanel Identifies the level of access through the Login ID. Provider, Reseller and Customer have their own control panel interfaces. Provider has access to management of all areas.

MachPanel Remote Server:

MachPanel Remote Server Remote Server is installed on every server that needs to be managed by MachPanel Control Server. MachPanel Control Server communicates with Enterprise Extensions through MachPanel Remote Server MachPanel Remote Server consists of MachPanel Provisioning Service which is responsible to actually provision all sorts of services.

MachPanel Services:

MachPanel Services MachPanel Services are responsible for different automation tasks. These extensions must be enabled for successful functioning by the control panel. MachPanel Billing Service : Payments/Documents/Invoices and notifications/emails are handled though this MachPanel Billing Service . MachPanel HelpDesk Service: Manages Ticketing system and exhibit notifications as configured. MachPanel License Service: It communicates with the Licensing Server to activate/upgrade the license and is used for License management. This service shall be running all the time . MachPanel Network Service: This is responsible for network monitoring and management. MachPanel Provisioning Service: MachPanel extends its functionality though Enterprise Extensions e.g. (Hosted Exchange Extension, Hosted SharePoint Extension, BlackBerry Extension etc.)Remote servers running Enterprise Software are provisioned using this MachPanel Provisioning Service .

Traditional Hosting through MachPanel:

Traditional Hosting through MachPanel MachPanel allows Traditional Hosting through its HostMatic Extension. HostMatic lets you start with minimal number of servers and expand as you grow without extra cost or investment on the control panel system. Hostmatic is a powerful MachPanel extension. Extends its functionality to support web & data hosting. Provisioning on large server farms in a load-balanced manner.

Pictorial Illustration of Hostmatic Extension Architecture:

Pictorial Illustration of Hostmatic Extension Architecture

Cloud Hosting through MachPanel:

Cloud Hosting through MachPanel Despite Traditional Hosting, Cloud Hosting is a vital and powerful feature that MachPanel possesses. It allows various Enterprise Solutions for broad Cloud Hosting Services that include: Hosted Exchange Hosted SharePoint BlackBerry Hosted CRM Hosted Lync Server Hosted VPS (Hyper-V)

MachPanel – Hosted Exchange Service Architecture:

MachPanel – Hosted Exchange Service Architecture

MachPanel – Hosted SharePoint Service Architecture:

MachPanel – Hosted SharePoint Service Architecture

MachPanel – BlackBerry Service Architecture:

MachPanel – BlackBerry Service Architecture

MachPanel – CRM Service Architecture:

MachPanel – CRM Service Architecture

MachPanel – Lync Service Architecture:

MachPanel – Lync Service Architecture

MachPanel – VPS Service Architecture:

MachPanel – VPS Service Architecture

Interfacing and Service Provisioning:

I nterfacing and Service Provisioning

MachPanel - Overall Architecture :

MachPanel - Overall Architecture

PowerPoint Presentation:

PowerPoint has new layouts that give you more ways to present your words, images and media. MachPanel

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