Developing e lessons

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E lesson development ,its need and how to develop e lesson using computer technology


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Developing e lessons

Ms Samina khan FDC Risalpur:

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lesson development E lesson development Why develop e-lessons? What is needed to develop e lessons? Technology in education Purpose of PowerPoint PowerPoint presentations Microsoft Word Web Browsing Educational websites Contents

What is lesson development?:

What is lesson development? Refers to all the activities that teachers do as they create, teach, and evaluate lessons with students. Lesson development involves a teacher’s decisions about three interrelated elements of teaching lessons: Academic content (what to teach) Teaching goals and procedures (how to teach) Learning assessments (how to know what students have learned)


What is E lesson development? ?


E stands for electronic Electronic media is involved in lesson development


Developing lessons with Technology

Why develop e-lessons?:

Why develop e-lessons? Effective way to deliver knowledge Engages learners Learning becomes interesting

What is needed to develop e-lessons?:

What is needed to develop e-lessons? The technology is needed to produce and deliver e-lessons. Involves different media to develop an effective lesson. With computer-based electronic tools to do searches for ideas and materials, teachers have easy online access to detailed and proven teaching and learning materials from educational websites


The e-lessons are designed to help you teach to your student using different computer skills. It includes: Worksheets PowerPoint presentation Videos Graphics Activities


Technology is used to develop and deliver e lessons Different tools can be used to create interactive contents


Continued… “PowerPoint Program is most important technology tool that's easy to use. Having standard presentations, such as slide shows, lessons may be presented in an interactive way

The Purpose of a PowerPoint is …:

The Purpose of a PowerPoint is … to give Power to a Point

PowerPoint presentation:

PowerPoint presentation Simplify difficult material Use it as a supplement Add attractive, cleared and relevant graphics Keep the information in logical flow (according to your planner)

PowerPoint Presentation :

PowerPoint Presentation Use PowerPoint tools Focus on Content not presentation Do not overuse PowerPoint Vary your Presentations Read & Edit before showing Make PowerPoint Interactive


WORD PROCESSING SOFTWARE Word processing is a task or job to create text documents such as official documents, reports, homework, books, ... 18


MICROSOFT WORD Ms Word is a Microsoft product used for creating different kinds of documents. We can create Reports Letters applications Worksheet Progressive worksheet 19


Assessments Syllabus Lesson plane stories books etc..




A  web browser  is a type of software that allows you to find and view websites on the Internet.  Google Chrome   Internet Explorer , Safari Mozilla Firefox .


A  web search engine  is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. Google Yahoo Bing msn

Educational Websites:

Educational Websites Brain Pop Teacher Brain  Lesson Depot Teaching Channel  Super Teacher Worksheets Grammar Bytes



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