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Whiz’s File:

Whiz’s File Chapter 1 Reviewing computers Chapter 2 Pioneers of Computers Chapter 3 About the CPU Chapter 4 Storing Data Chapter 5 Whiz through Software Chapter 6 Introducing Spreadsheet Chapter 7 Programming Languages Chapter 8 More on Multimedia Chapter 9 Computer Networks

Chapter 3 About the CPU :

Chapter 3 About the CPU


Contents I ntroduction to CPU components of CPU ALU CU Mu D isk dives H ard disk drive CD drive DVD drive USB port

Introduction to CPU:

Introduction to CPU

Brain of Computer:

Brain of Computer The Central Processing Unit is the brain of the computer. It control and process all the information in the computer.

CPU is housed on a single chip called microprocessor.:

CPU is housed on a single chip called microprocessor. It is located in system unit.

CPU Fan:


Components of CPU:

Components of CPU The CPU has three components . ALU(Arithmetic Logic Unit): Performs all arithmetical calculations such as addition and multiplication & makes all logical decisions. CU(Control Unit): Directs different parts of the computer to carry out instructions. It controls communication and coordination between input/output devices. MU(Memory Unit): Stores data & instructions to process data

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Components of CPU



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Attached to the CPU. They are storage devices. They are housed within the computer or in an external box.

Hard disk drive(HDD):

Hard disk drive (HDD) Made up of several disks. The disks are sealed in an airtight case to protect it from dust. Each disk store data.

CD drive:

CD d rive It enables us to create CD-ROMs and audio CDs. We can copy and save data on CDs.

DVD drive:

DVD drive It is used to save and read data on DVDs. We can store large amounts of data such as films on DVDs.

USB port:

USB port USB port is a part of system unit and is linked to CPU. We can attach input/output devices and USB flash drive to the USB port.

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