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COMPUTER WHIZ 4 2/2/2017 2

Whiz’s File:

Whiz’s File Chapter 1 Reviewing computers Chapter 2 Pioneers of Computers Chapter 3 About the CPU Chapter 4 Storing Data Chapter 5 Whiz through Software Chapter 6 Introducing Spreadsheet Chapter 7 Programming Languages Chapter 8 More on Multimedia Chapter 9 Computer Networks 2/2/2017 3

The objectives of this chapter is to::

The objectives of this chapter is to: To introduce Microsoft powerpoint To introduce advance features on the Insert and Design tabs.


Contents Multimedia presentation Templates Home tab Insert tab Design tab Animation tab 2/2/2017 5

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What is Multimedia Presentation?:

What is Multimedia Presentation? Text Graphics Sound Animation Video

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Why to use? To convey message effectively

Microsoft Powerpoint:

Microsoft Powerpoint We can create an effective presentation in Microsoft power point to convey message effectively.

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We can use template to create a Microsoft powerpoint presentation

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Preformatted slide layout TEMPLATES

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We can find different templates from theme group on the Design tab.

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We can also download it from internet

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Home tab

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To change slide layout ,go to Home tab and click on New Slide.

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Tables Pictures Photo Album Shapes Smart Art Charts Movies Sounds

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Slide orientation Portrait Landscape

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