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Computer whiz 4

Whiz’s File:

Whiz’s File Chapter 1 Reviewing computers Chapter 2 Pioneers of Computers Chapter 3 About the CPU Chapter 4 Storing Data Chapter 5 Whiz through Software Chapter 6 Introducing Spreadsheet Chapter 7 Programming Languages Chapter 8 More on Multimedia Chapter 9 Computer Networks


Chapter : 2 PIONEERS OF COMPUTERS Class: IV Presenter: Ms Samina Khan


Contents Blaise Pascal Gottfried Leibniz Charles Babbage Herman Hollerith

Blaise Pascal:

Blaise Pascal Hello! I am Blaise Pascal I invented pascaline I invented it to help my father who is a tax collector



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It has 8 moveable dials It was invented in 1642 It is used to add and subtract

Gottfried Leibniz:

Gottfried Leibniz Hello! I am Gottfried Leibniz I invented the first mechanical calculator. I invented it in 1673. Name of that machine was Leibniz calculator I called it stepped reckoner

Leibniz Calculator:

Leibniz Calculator

Charles Babbage:

Charles Babbage Hello! I am Charles babbage . I presented the idea of computer. I designed difference engine in 1823 & analytical engine in1834.

Difference Engine:

Difference Engine

Analytical Engine:

Analytical Engine



Interesting information :

Interesting information

Herman Hollerith:

Herman Hollerith Hello! I am Herman. I invented the punch card. I invented these to store and process data. I built the first punch card tabulating machine in 1890.

Tabulating Machine:

Tabulating Machine

Punch card:

Punch card

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