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If there is one thing that radiologists like Dr. Sim Hoffman and other medical professionals who work with advanced neuroimaging techniques know, it is that Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) are nothing to be taken lightly. Untreated, a TBI can cause severe neurological complications and can even be fatal. If you have sustained a head injury, please see a doctor as soon as possible to undergo the necessary assessments to ensure that your health is not at risk.


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Sim Hoffman MRI Studies MRI is short for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, which is one specialty of Dr. Sim Hoffman who is a nuclear medicine radiologist in Buena Park, California. MRIs are used in the diagnosis of various biological and even mental conditions in the human body.MRIs utilize a magnetic field combined with energy from radio wave pulses to make a representative picture of various organs and/or structures within the human body. Most often, an MRI can give very diverse information about these structures as opposed to other forms of imaging like ultrasound, CT scans, or x-rays. Most MRI machines are enclosed, but there are some that are open. It is much more difficult to find a facility with an open MRI, and these may also not render as high quality images as a traditional MRI machine.


Sim Hoffman Mammograms F or Women Dr. Sim Hoffman , nuclear medicine radiologist, specializes in various imaging diagnostic techniques, mammograms being one of them. It is recommended that women over the age of 40 begin to get regular mammograms to test for various types of breast cancers that show in the form of solid tumors.A mammogram is simply another word for an x-ray of the female breast tissue. This method of testing for breast cancer is critical as this type of cancer can be difficult to find with the human eye or human hand, though it is possible. Mammograms are responsible for early diagnoses in a large number of women who have had no previous signs or symptoms of the disease.


Sim Hoffman Radiology Importance Radiology has always been a large part of the career for Sim Hoffman. Ever since his days in school at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Being among his most studied aspects of the medical field, he has acquired extensive knowledge of medical radiology procedures, as well as their numerous benefits and cautions. Radiology itself is the use of various imaging techniques that allow images of the internal body to be created and stored. These can be used by medical professionals to study a patient’s current condition, or provide a detailed medical history. X-ray exams are part of this radiology picture, and are among the most common applications of the technology. In order to gain the images created in an x-ray, a small amount of radiation is passed through the body. In older days, the radiation went on a sheet of special film that captured the image, but modern techniques simply use an electronic device to create and store these. Radiation is blocked by calcium, but easily passes through air space .


Sim Hoffman Arthrography Importance Arthrography is a big part the medical field that Sim Hoffman has studied for years. This medical technique consists of finding internal problems with images. The common way to perform this is to inject a fluid into the body, where it will be absorbed by the joints to create a spot that stands out. This is a type of x-ray called fluoroscopy, where the liquid injected is used to find the problem with the joint. This procedure is effectively targeted solely towards the health of the joints in the body. The procedure of arthrography is injecting a special fluid into the bloodstream, where it is eventually absorbed into the joints of the body. Direct arthrography is similar, except the fluid is injected directly into the joint itself. The radiologist is able to clearly see the anatomy and any possible problems with the joint, thanks to the fluid making it clearly visible. As the possible damage to joints increases with age, this medical procedure is clearly needed for those who may suffer from such conditions.


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