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After majoring in History and Biochemistry at the University of California, Sim Hoffman started his graduate studies at UC Davis. At that point he already decided that he was going to become a doctor, taking Human Anatomy courses that prepared him for the next five years which he would spend in Virginia, attending the University of Virginia, School of Medicine.


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Sim Hoffman A Devoted Medical Professional Sim Hoffman is a successful diagnostician with a wide array of medical interests that help him as a physician and play an important part in his research. These interests include but are not limited to MRI studies, radiology x-ray exams, radiology arthrograms, C.T myelograms, outpatient imaging centers, nuclear medicine, mammography, interventional procedures, general ultrasound and fetal ultrasound methods. Sim Hoffman is a clinical instructor at the Keck School of Medicine of USC since 1984, in the Diagnostic Radiology department. In this role, one of his primary duties is to assess the knowledge of his students.


Sim Hoffman Research Assistant A nd Project Director Between 1974 and 1975, Sim Hoffman was a research assistant and project director at the Willard F. Libby Laboratories, in the Auto Exhaustion Catalyst Division in Los Angeles, California. As a research assistant, his role involved data collection and assessment, preparing certain materials, attending seminars and summarizing certain projects. In his role as a project director, his responsibilities were enlarged and became more diverse that before.


Sim Hoffman Chief A nd Medical Director Between 1986 and 1990, Sim Hoffman was the Chief Radiologist and Medical Director at the Los Angeles based Century City Hospital, in the radiology department. In this role he was responsible for the assessment of the whole subdivision, identifying strong points and possible deficiencies. Other duties include the assessment of institutional policies, procedures, and certain protocols, in addition to developing a strong working relationship with the executive director. In 1991, Sim Hoffman became the Medical Director and Corporate Secretary of the Golden Shores Imaging Medical Group, a US-based company that provided efficient imaging solutions for the medical industry.


Sim Hoffman An Expert O f Medical Imaging Sim Hoffman has considerable experience in the conduction and interpretation of various medical imaging technologies, which he used frequently throughout his prominent – and still ongoing – medical career. These technologies include but are not limited to: x-ray, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, CT, MRI, mammography and special radiology procedures like arthrogram and myelograms. His fellowship in Nuclear Medicine between 1983 and 1984 was crucial step in his becoming a medical imaging expert. Sim Hoffman has bought a building which he turned into his very own radiology office. Developing a private practice required him to obtain the ideal property, which he eventually found in Buena Park, a northwestern city in Orange County, California .After remodeling the building, Sim Hoffman and his team have developed a brand new radiology office, which is now one of his three California-based offices.


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