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Role of International Finance Manager:

Role of International Finance Manager Fund Raising Investment Decision Dividend Decision

Role in International Finance:

Role in International Finance Similarly Fund raising in International market Taking investment Decision Minimizing risk Hedge against foreign exchange exposure

Risk to Handle in Foreign operation:

Risk to Handle in Foreign operation Default Risk Political Risk Economic Risk Piracy, sea pirates, accidents insurance Financial Risk Business Risk Foreign Exchange Risk

Risk Minimization:

Risk Minimization Understanding various risk minimizing instruments Understanding the risk associated with foreign exchange rate fluctuation

Understanding of Risk Associated with the Exchange risk:

Understanding of Risk Associated with the Exchange risk Transaction Risk Operating and Strategic Risk Translation Risk

Roles are different according to Nature of Industry:

Roles are different according to Nature of Industry Banking and Investment Financial Industry

International Finance Manager/ Portfolio Manager:

International Finance Manager/ Portfolio Manager Understanding the Risk Forecasting Application of Derivative in Risk minimization Understanding international market trend Understanding the competition Managing the subsid

PowerPoint Presentation:

Understanding of International Monetary System Understanding of Foreign Exchange Market Understanding nature and measurement of Exposure and Risk

Responsibilities of Finance Manager:

Responsibilities of Finance Manager To keep update of significant environmental changes To understand and analyse the complex interrelationships between relevant environmental variables and corporate responses Adapt the finance function to significant changes in firm’s own strategic posture To take stride past failures and mistakes to minimize their adverse impact

Major Challenges:

Major Challenges Integration , boundaries between domestic and international market getting blurred Domestic market are opened up for foreign borrowers borrower are allowed to access foreign financial market. Functional Integration “ everybody does everything” Securitization and disintermediation

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