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All about me!


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About me : 

About me By Charlie Pearson

Things I like : 

Things I like I like horse riding and ice skating and home but mostly school. But at school I like my friends and Mr collier and 2c.

Thins I don’t like : 

Thins I don’t like I don’t like computers very much. I don’t like leaving school I also don’t like being bored.

I am good at. : 

I am good at. I am good at school and horse riding and running. And good at typing. And good at making friends.

About school. : 

About school. School is cool and great I really like school.

My family : 

My family I have four brothers and one sister I have one fish and one cat. I have one brother in the war. And another one in the N.A.B. And Robert is the roof tiler. And my sister lives in Melbourne. I like my family.

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