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The heavy duty planetary mixers, as the name suggests, are designed to meet the heavy duty usage of commercial kitchens.


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Important things to know about heavy duty planetary mixers For food and hospitality businesses running at a commercial scale a heavy duty mixer is one of the most essential kitchen appliances. Commercial mixers are available in different variations and specifications to choose from and it is important to pick one according to the business needs. The heavy duty planetary mixers as the name suggests are designed to meet the heavy duty usage of commercial kitchens. A standard duty beater of this variety can be sufficient for smaller cafes or restaurants but for a big commercial kitchen the heavy-duty ones are naturally better suited because of their capacity to deliver more batches to meet the demand. Commercial mixers consistently provide an even mix of the ingredients be it dough or any other type of batter. These blenders can perform multiple types of repetitive actions like whipping beating mixing as well as kneading. Moreover these blenders come with a range of attachment options that you can use for performing other actions like grating slicing grinding or even shredding. Heavy duty planetary mixers Sydney gives a commercial kitchen the flexibility to use the appliance for different preparations thus minimizing the spend on multiple appliances and making the processes simpler. Another variety of blenders widely used in commercial kitchens is the spiral one. The basic difference between the spiral and planetary variety is in the movement pattern of the agitator. In spiral blenders the agitator moves in a spiral motion while in the case of the planetary beaters the movement imitates the movement pattern of the planets making several small elliptical movements around the central axis thus the name. Spiral beaters are rated in kilogram or pound of flour that can be kneaded per batch while the other variety are rated in volume per batch. Planetary ones usually come with less footprint compared to the spiral variety. There is planetary floor mixer that comes with a stand and can be placed directly on the floor. Also the without-stand variety ideal to be placed on a kitchen top is widely used in commercial kitchens. There are belt-driven and gear-driven planetary blenders. The belt-driven variety has more chance of belt ‘slip’ while the risk has been eliminated in the gear-driven version. However if repair is needed the belt- driven varieties are much cheaper to repair in Brisbane or any other place in Australia compared to the gear-driven ones.

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The attachments The best heavy duty blenders will always come with multiple attachments. There is also the option to get some more accessories for the beater as per your specific needs. The most common attachments include • Mixing Bowl – The mixing bowl is an essential attachment of the beater and is essentially provided with the appliance itself. Most of the time bowls of different sizes can be used with one beater which gives the flexibility to adjust your batch size. • Dough Hook – This attachment is basically a spiral-shaped hook that is used for any kind of kneading. So if you are preparing dough for pizza or bread this is the attachment you will need. • Flat beater - It provides a flat and wide surface and can be used for multiple purposes starting from preparing the batter for brownies and cakes to mashing the potatoes and making icing. • Wire whip – This oval shaped whipper is made of wire strands and as the name suggests is the attachment to be used for whipping up anything in the planetary stand mixer. The wire whip is ideal for creating a fluffy light and thin textured batter and is primarily used for preparing pudding custard and whipped cream. The reputed heavy duty planetary mixer suppliers always provide blenders with all the above basic attachments to ensure effective use of the appliance. The attachments are made from low maintenance stainless steel with high durability. Additional accessories that you may buy separately for different use of the appliance include grater/shredder grinder slicer etc. Before purchasing any of these accessories it is important to make sure that the hub size of the accessory is a perfect match with the hub size of the blender. Safety and the bowl guard

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Heavy duty blenders are powerful machines and should be used with proper caution to avoid any accidents. It is important to properly follow the user manual that comes with the blender. The bowl guard provided with the mixer is an essential safety attachment that prevents clothing hands or foreign objects from coming in touch with the agitator while it is in use. The appliance should be always used only with this guard on. Every beater is not built to adjust the speed on the fly and shutting it down might be necessary before changing the speed to use it safely. It is important to consult the manufacturer’s guide to confirm. Heavy duty Planetary Mixers for Sale are now available in Melbourne and Perth from the best suppliers of Australia. These blenders offer the best value for money and are ideal for any commercial kitchen.

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