The Perfect Guide in Buying A Private Proxy


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The Perfect Guide in Buying A Private Proxy

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Using a private proxy is perfect for improving the access performance filter requests and most importantly hide your identity while surfing the web. SEO proxies are being used to hide your IP address so you wont reveal your identity to the website that you are trying to access. In buying private proxies it is important to get some tips and bits of advice before making decisions.

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Things that you should know before buying private proxies are listed below: 1. Make sure that they offer a dedicated IPs. Shared IPs are not advisable or not even an option. 2. You have to be certain that they dont offer sequential IPs. For example IP address A should not be followed by IP Address B and IP address C.

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3. Make sure to tell the customer service why you need the Private Proxies for thats fine. They will let you know whether they can grant your request or not. Before buying make sure that it will work for the websites you want to use it for. If they say that they Proxies that will work for your websites try them. If it didnt work ask for another proxy. There should no problem in replacing them. Now before closing the deal make sure that they promise to change the proxies that wont work for you. You could also ask them to try the proxies first to make sure that they will work for your desired websites.

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4. You can also ask customer service if their IPs have been out of circulation for at least 6 months. 5. Fresh IPs are the best but websites are flushing the IP information that is older than 6 months so if they have IPs that are out of circulation for at least 6 months it may be worth trying them out. Provided that the law requires flushing of the IPs some of the companies forget to flush it. It is not exactly illegal not to flush it but this is the reason why non-circulated IPs are most preferred.

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After finding the perfect company you can ask their customer service if you can start with a monthly subscription so you could try their service. After a month or 2 months if your activities are not banned because of your IPs you can switch to a 6 monthly plan or a yearly plan. Additionally most providers are offering a 3-day money back guarantee so be certain that you can set up accounts on your main things. If your proxy didnt work for Yahoo it might work for Google and other search engines.

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