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Description lifelong learning offered by Lifetime Learners Institute at Norwalk Community College.


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Lifetime Learners Institute An Introduction

LLI is a non-profit continuing education institute affiliated with Norwalk Community College. : 

LLI is a non-profit continuing education institute affiliated with Norwalk Community College.

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We offer educational programs for people over 50 who want to continue to learn.

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Education comes with social benefits.

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Our courses are credit free and stress-free. No pressure. No exams.

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We discuss and interact with the Facilitators and fellow students – and go places too.

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We offer over 40 courses in 8-week terms, in the spring and fall.

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The subject matter includes Art Current Events History Literature Music Religion and Philosophy Science and Math Theater and Movies Writing Workshops

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Current Events

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And More…

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Most courses are scheduled in the afternoon and each class lasts about 2 hours. On Thursdays and Fridays we also offer morning classes.

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We give our courses at Norwalk Community College, East Campus…

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and West Campus…

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as well as the Darien Senior Center.

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We call our instructors “Facilitators” and they are also LLI members.

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But that’s not all! Open to all members – Lunch & Learn: refreshments and presentation every Friday the during terms. 5-week winter session of daily events Day trips

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Lunch & Learn On Fridays we socialize with coffee and dessert. The program from 1:00 to 2:00 is both educational and entertaining.

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Lunch & Learn Music

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Lunch & Learn Local Topics

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Lunch & Learn Drama

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Winter Session During the 5-week winter session, we offer a different topic each day of the week. Sketches from History Book Discussions Current Events Magical Moments at the Movies A Journey through the Arts Plus… Lunch & Learn on Fridays

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Winter Session History

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Winter Session Book Discussions

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Winter Session Current Events

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Winter Session Movies

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Winter Session The Arts

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Winter Session If you are a member, you don’t need to sign up – just show up and enjoy!

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Day Trips Each year we offer several day trips. Typical destinations – Yale Art Gallery and the Thimble Islands Sturbridge Village Theodore Roosevelt House at Oyster Bay Backstage at the Metropolitan Opera

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Thimble Islands Day Trips

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Sturbridge Village Day Trips

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Theodore Roosevelt Day Trips

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Metropolitan Opera Day Trips

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We travel together by bus and enjoy a group lunch. Day Trips

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NCC Norwalk Community College also offers benefits to our members. In addition to their classrooms and auditoriums, we enjoy Fitness Center Library NCC programs and events like the movie series and the Academic Festival

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Fitness Center NCC

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Library NCC

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Movies NCC

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Academic Festival NCC

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Membership dues are $30 per year and include Catalogs and newsletters All sessions of Lunch & Learn All events during the Winter Session Use of the NCC Library and Fitness Center Courses during the 8-week terms are $20 each.

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The fees enable us to pay our expenses, and to make an annual donation to the NCC Foundation. The coffee at LLI is always free.

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Lifetime Learners contributions provide scholarships for NCC students.

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A few more details….

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We are a non-profit organization, with policy set by a Board of Directors.

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Volunteers do all our work! Technical specialists Curriculum planners

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Office staff Special events planners

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Registration assistants Catalog editors Newsletter writers

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Mailing crew Hospitality providers And many more

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We also provide volunteer help for Norwalk Community College – a good way to say “thank you.”

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Learn more about our programs….

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In our catalogs

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At our website: lifetimelearners.org.

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To contact LLI….

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Fill out the coupon and drop it in the mail.

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Send us an email. info@lifetimelearners.org

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Call us and leave a message. 203 857-3330

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Join in the spirit of LLI – We all learn from one another. People who love to learn, learn from people who love to teach. In the words of Louis Armstrong, “What a beautiful world.” Michael Mugnolo

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