Martin Luther king, Jr

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Martin Luther king, Jr. didn’t change all segregation laws:

Martin Luther king, Jr . didn’t change all segregation laws By Lorena Rosales Samuel nolasco

1 POD:

1 POD Discrimination would continue to black people because he was a leader and he fought to change the segregation laws.

2 POD:

2 POD Black and white people were to go to separate schools because of their race Because Martin Luther King Jr. wanted the US to be a nation of a one race which includes all the races.


3POD There would be a war between races because Martin Luther King J r. would have never changed the unfair laws.

Conclusion :

Conclusion Today the discrimination of races would continue and there would ghettos, which are confinements in a city for a specific race. The colored people would only get low paying jobs that include hard labor.

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