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WHAT IS NURSING INFORMATICS? A specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science and information science to manage and communicate data, information, Knowledge and wisdom in nursing/patient practices . (ANA 2001)

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Nursing informatics was recognized as a specialty in 1992 and a scope of practice was developed through the American Nurses’ Association in 1994. History

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The Saudi Association for Health Information (SAHI) was established in 2006 to work under direct supervision of King Saud University for health sciences to practice public activities, develop theoretical and applicable knowledge and provide scientific and applicable studies .

Nursing Informatics Model:


The Critical Role of Information Technology:

The Critical Role of Information Technology In designing a health system that produces care that is “safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable ” Improved information systems are essential to a new health care delivery system that “Both prevent errors and learns from them when they occur.”

The Benefits of Nursing Informatics:

The Benefits of Nursing Informatics Informatics offers many benefits for health care. They can be seen in the ability to create and use aggregated data to prevent errors and to provide better medical records. Informatics will improve documentation and when properly implemented can reduce the time spent in documentation. Duplicate data entry such as entering vital signs both in nursing notes and a flow sheet waste time an invites errors. In a well-designed clinical documentation system, these data will be entered once, retrieved and presented in many different forms to meet the needs of the user.

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5. Provide tools too control processes in health care, acquire medical knowledge and communicate information between all people and organizations involved with health care. 6. It helps healthcare professionals to provide better and more cost-effective care and enable healthcare systems to be more efficient and to adapt better to our patient’s need.

1.Nursing Practice NURSING PROCESS :

1.Nursing Practice NURSING PROCESS

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Automation of Documentation( EMR) Up-to-date, accurate information of each step of the Nursing Process is the Power behind safe, high quality patient-centered care ! Documentation becomes the core of Nursing Process along with the patient

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- Though, there is an information but the proper input of the data is not met. Where as Patient File # was written on the D.O.B. (Date of Birth) Column.

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Nothing Written in the patient information of Doctor’s Progress Notes Form. - Lab results are improperly attached . - Inappropriate File binder. flora@mrd.ANSH flora@mrd.ANSH - Loose papers… loose patient’s Health Documents

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- Charting for admitted patients must be look into… - Liquid beverage must not be kept among the documents to avoid drenching the documents if accidentally spilled. flora@mrd.ANSH

Health Care System – goes online to improve patient safety:

Health Care System – goes online to improve patient safety - The online order entry system, allows physicians, nurses and technicians to order laboratory test, procedures, medications and nutrition services online from any computer.

BAR CODE SCANNER (Bedside Medication Verification) :

BAR CODE SCANNER (Bedside Medication Verification) Will become a part of the traditional wristbands that patients wear.. The Goal is to reduce the risk of medication errors and improve patient safety.

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In one survey, eighty percent 80% of nurses indicated that it had a positive effect on their patient care delivery outcomes. In the survey, the use of technology was said to allow nurses to access patient information more quickly, improve efficiency, reduce the potential for errors and access timely and relevant patient information . Impact on Patient Care Delivery Challenges of Health Care Technology

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Nurses cited poor integration and/or interoperability, regular system failures, limited access to information and applications, and lack of training as the most frustrating elements of using information technology on the job. Challenges :

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The role of staff nurses as the protector of patient information is becoming more crucial as more health care information becomes part of the medical record and as it becomes more available electronically instead of on paper. A nursing informatics specialist can assist with policy formation and education related to release of such information . Privacy - Confidentiality – Security

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Electronic medical records, like medical records, must be kept in unaltered form and authenticated by the creator. Under data protection legislation, responsibility for patient records (irrespective of the form they are kept in) is always on the creator and custodian of the record, usually a health care practice or facility. Legal status

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A major concern is adequate confidentiality of the individual records being managed electronically. [ According to the LA Times , roughly 150 people (from doctors and nurses to technicians and billing clerks) have access to at least part of a patient's records during a hospitalization, and over 600,000 payers, providers and other entities that handle providers' billing data have some access. In the United States, this class of information is referred to as Protected Health Information (PHI) and its management is addressed under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as many local laws. [19] Privacy concerns

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Nursing informatics and informational technology are becoming a major part of today's healthcare organization infrastructure. With the healthcare movement toward patient safety and optimum care, healthcare organizations are incorporating computerized systems at a faster pace.

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