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A step by step guide on how to get free stuff with no credit card or referrals.


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How to get free stuff! A Step-By-Step Guide By : Halolover909

Swagbucks : 

Swagbucks What’s Swagbucks? ∙ Swagbucks is a 100% free website where you can win free things such as music, video games, iPods, and game consoles. ∙ No credit card or referrals are needed to use swagbucks. ∙ Swagbucks has a no spam policy, so don’t worry about putting an e-mail in.

How It Works : 

To earn swagbucks, all you have to do is search on a search bar! On the front page, there is a search bar. Use this instead of Google and you can earn free swagbucks for prizes! The search bar’s results are powered by Google, so don’t worry about bad answers. By searching, you can earn swagbucks, earning you free prizes! How It Works

Swagbucks Tips : 

Swagbucks is designed to give swagbucks to people who use their search engine like a normal person. This means repeatedly typing in things and clicking search doesn't get you swagbucks. Searching for uncommon things increase chances on winning. Don’t search for things like YouTube. Clicking on 2nd and 3rd pages of results help, and so is using the images and video searches. Remember, don’t keep searching for things and spamming the search bar. Swagbucks Tips

Other Ways to Earn : 

There are more ways to earn swagbucks then searching. Another way is referring others to the site. Using your swag link, you can tell others to sign up under your link. When people sign up under your link, for every swagbuck they earn, you also earn! Please note, this does not hurt the other person in any way, it is a win-win situation. You can earn up to 100 swagbucks per person who you refer. Other Ways to Earn

Other Ways to Earn( continued) : 

You can also earn swagbucks by finding swagcodes, which are posted on the blog. One awesome way is to trade in your video games, cell phones, or MP3 players for swagbucks All you do is print out a free shipping label and get a box. Put your selected trade in item in the box and put the printable shipping label on. Then take it to a UPS store and when it reaches swagbucks HQ, you will be awarded the swagbucks. One final way is to shop w/ real money on swagbucks, and for every $5 you spend, you get 1 swagbuck. Other Ways to Earn( continued)

Prizes!!! : 

Swagbucks has various prizes available, all for free! Some prizes include video games and consoles, iPods, gift cards for Amazon, target, apple, etc. Others include comic books and regular books, iTunes downloads and TV shows, musical instruments, and sports gear. There are even more things such as clothes and swagbucks business cards, even Delta Skylines Miles! All prizes are completely free with no shipping and handling. Prizes!!!

Swag F.A.Q. : 

Swagbucks is a totally free website, meaning no credit cards or shipping costs. Swagbucks is not a scam, and really works! I have won prizes like video games myself. You will never get spam from swagbucks. If you have any other questions, please send me a private message to my YouTube profile. This will make sure I can give you the best answer, not a short and sweet answer on the comments of the video replying to your comment. Swag F.A.Q.

How to Sign Up!! : 

To get started, just go to the link in the video description, or Sign up under the link to get 3 free swagbucks!! Once at the link, sign up with your information and remember, when asked for a swag code, just leave it blank. How to Sign Up!!

Thanks for watching! : 

Thanks for watching! By : Halolover909 Link:

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