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Magnificent Indian Jewellery Brand – Sangeeta Boochra – SilverCentrre.com Jewellery – It’s not just a piece of accessory for me it’s much more than that It’s a “cherry on top” to an overall outfit also the most transformative piece one can ever wear. And ever since I’ve laid my eyes on the amazing jewellery pieces from the brand Sangeeta Boochra I have rather felt anxious to blog about them. Sangeeta Boochra A Brand of SILVER CENTRRE has long been integrated with the fashion industry and its demand is growing day by day. Sangeeta Boochra the Designer herself A Brand consisting of statement pieces and designer silver jewellery by Sangeeta Boochra. Sangeeta Boochra a well known name and brand in India today. She is the Creative Director and Designer of Silver Centrre. Her designs embody grace and aim for perfection. Her designs inspire those who appreciate style design and uncompromising quality. The brand brings a range of jewellery in purest of silver with collections in vintage tribal gold plated stone studded south temple jewelry contemporary to modern to new age minimalism. Deigns that have originated by being inspired by travels to the interiors of the remotest of regions of Rajasthan to the state of Gujarat and green pastures of the South the brand brings it all in shiny ornamented form. So here I am sharing a couple of images of some amazing jewellery pieces from the brand which will surely have your heart

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Handcrafted Silver Jewellery - Designer Gemstone Jewelry Sangeeta Boochra Silver Jewellery Designer and Handmade Silver Jewelry Online in India. Here one finds timeless and evocative pieces with the designer being able to show the brilliance of Indian Jewelry to the world through her creative vision. So why not a couple of answers to the certain questions that would help us know a bit more about her vision the source of inspiration that leads her develops such timeless pieces. Sharing some of the questions asked answered by the designer herself. 1. In moments of self-doubt or adversity how do you build yourself back up I always had my Father In law who used to help me and guide me in times of self doubt and adversity what i am today is all because of him he used to say ” Don’t worry do it mein hu na “. I miss him a lot and things have changed for me since the time he expired. 2. Knowing what you know now what would you have done differently when you were first starting out I don’t regret anything I am happy and content.

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3. What is you personal or professional motto Personal – to keep my family happy. Professional – to keep my employees and artisans happy to create a brand which is luxury yet affordable to all and to bring the Indian jewellery on the world map. 4. Name a woman or women past or present whom you admire or look up to . Coco Chanel 5. What is the creative process behind the creation of your products Sketching working with gemstones dies motifs team effort – making of models – getting it changed. 6. What music would you like to be played along with the post Moonlight Sonata – beethoven 7.What is the USP behind the brand Fresh and new designs – and in stores within 10 days across the world. 8. How do you retail your jewellery Through our flagship stores and shop in shops. 9. Do you market only in India or do you sell abroad as well We sell worldwide . Our clients are from : Dubai Japan Singapore London USA Sri Lanka Italy Hong Kong Bangkok China Switzerland Germany Spain etc. You guys can check out the collection from the brand right here – https://www.instagram.com/sangeetaboochra/ https://www.facebook.com/silvercentrre https://twitter.com/SilverCentrre https://www.pinterest.com/sangeetaboochra http://www.silvercentrre.com/

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