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Data driven ad performance on YouTube


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YouTube's Direct Response Solutions Boost Brand Engagement and Sales:

YouTube's Direct Response Solutions Boost Brand Engagement and Sales


When it comes to running video ad campaigns, video advertising companies give preference to YouTube as it offers a variety of ad formats, many targeting options, innovative tools to make video more shoppable, etc. YouTube allows brands to turn their video ads into storefronts. YouTube helps marketers to simultaneously achieve brand engagement and omnichannel sales. Marketers can use it as a full funnel solution and connect with audiences that are most likely to make a purchase. Research shows that using YouTube as a full funnel solution helps marketers boost brand engagement and achieve higher return on ad spend.


For marketers, it has always been difficult to simultaneously drive reach and convert demand with limited budgets. To combat this problem, YouTube has launched video action campaigns. These YouTube campaigns provide an easier and cost-effective way to marketers for increasing conversions. Video action campaigns work by automatically showing ads that drive action on the watch pages, home feed, and Google video partners. These campaigns can save a lot of time for marketers, which they can utilize focusing on accomplishing crucial tasks such as building the perfect creative for their audience. Video action campaigns cater to the needs of companies of all sizes, including startup companies. Studies show that these campaigns have helped startups not only drive results quickly, but also save costs.


Consumers usually switch between search and YouTube before purchasing a product. Google has included YouTube in its Ads attribution report to help marketers understand from where their conversions are coming and to provide them clarity on customers’ purchasing path. Attribution reports are very beneficial for marketers as they shed light on how budget allocation should be done in order to achieve greatest impact across different types of campaigns - YouTube, search and shopping. The direct response solutions mentioned above make it easier for YouTube marketing companies to help brands in getting new leads, increasing web traffic and boosting sales.



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