Wrong Turn title sequence

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“Wrong Turn”:

“Wrong Turn” By Stephanie Taylor

“Wrong Turn” Title Sequence:

“Wrong Turn” Title Sequence I decided to watch the title sequence to the thriller film "Wrong Turn". The film started with narrative, therefore we began analysing the titles in terms of audio and visual at the timing of 3.00 minutes when the title sequence itself begins. From looking at the timeline the credits themselves are superimposed over the top of the visual shots, therefore they are gradually combined between the duration of the sequence. Between each credit a close up shot of something is shown, either newspaper headlines, or establishing close ups of a forest. Simple shots like close ups of disorientated hands which gaining effect. With "Wrong Turn" when watching it in terms of the audio, I thought the simplistic audio of scratching and sharpening knives added a gothic effect; then hearing the low menacing music that is introduced at about 03.28, giving the overall element of fear.

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