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Silicon Lighting is your one stop solution for all the lighting needs of your home. We are Melbourne's based lighting retail store, specialised in modern lighting & chandelier and manufacturing.


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Modern chandelier for extra ordinary homes Our home is not just a structure of stones and cement each and every portion of it is woven with the thread of our dreams. We take every possible attempt to give it an extra ordinary look which will be appreciated by everyone. A house becomes a home when we accessories it with our choice otherwise it remains a concrete structure only. One of these accessories is a crystal chandelier which plays a pivotal in giving your home a ravishing look. When we hear about the word chandelier a typical picture of heavy chandeliers with antiques and stones comes in our mind. The concept of these chandeliers has become very common and old fashioned. It is high time when you should try something new. When you have a modern designer home why should you compromise on your chandelier which can actually light up your mood along with your home Not only for your homes these innovative and modern chandelier are ideal to beautify your office as well. Chandeliers are usually used as lamp holders and these chandeliers will play both the roles of a home decor and a lamp holder together. When you return to your home after long hours of work it can instantly brighten up your mood again when you start your work at office it can energies you to work harder. These new generation chandeliers are simple yet classy and perfect for an urban designer home and office. It you want to give your old home a new look then these chandeliers are the best option for you to choose from. They are affordable and proficient in giving your home a grand appearance. The modern lamp holders are way different than the traditional one.

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They come with a variety of size shape pattern and designs which give you the option to choose according to you wish. They even differ in materials as well. You can choose you desired chandelier that suits with your home or office from these options. This also gives you an opportunity of custom lighting to your home. So next time when you throw a party at your home please do not mind if your chandelier receives more complements than you. These elegant lighting fixtures will surely steal the show. Silicon Lighting - LED Crystal Lighting Melbourne

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