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District Industrial Centre : 

09/03/09 DIC XIDAS, Jabalpur 1 District Industrial Centre Sikander Kushwaha Xavier Institute of Development Studies and Action, Jabalpur

Introduction : 

09/03/09 DIC XIDAS, Jabalpur 2 Introduction “Entrepreneurs are not just born, they can be developed and framed to undertake ventures and be creative”. Stepanch identified:- Intelligence, Motivation, Knowledge, and Opportunity As prerequisite for entrepreneurial development. Entrepreneurial Development incorporated four basic issues, viz. Availability of material Resources, Solution of real entrepreneur, Formation of industrial units, and Policy formulation for the development of the region In the Industrial policy announced by the Government of India on 23.12.1977 laid special stress on the development of Small Scale, Village and Cottage Industries. The policy statement indicated that the District would be the main focus of efforts and the agency for promotion of small scale, village and cottage industries would be a new organization called "District Industries Centre".

District Industrial Centre : 

09/03/09 DIC XIDAS, Jabalpur 3 District Industrial Centre In the past, there has been a tendency to proliferate schemes, agencies and organizations which have tended to confuse the average small and rural entrepreneur rather than encourage and help him. The focal point of development for small scale and cottage industries, therefore, was taken away from the big cities and state capitals to the district headquarters. In each district, one agency was created to deal with all requirements of small and village industries. This is called "District Industries Centre".

Objective : 

09/03/09 DIC XIDAS, Jabalpur 4 Objective To develop entrepreneur skills of people. To motivate for self employment. To providing all the necessary facility in one roof. To reduce regional imbalance of development. To Cheek in migration

Progress of DIC : 

09/03/09 DIC XIDAS, Jabalpur 5 Progress of DIC Till March 31st 1998, 422 district industries centers (DICs) have been set up covering 431districts of country leaving out the metropolitan cities and some new districts.

Establishment : 

09/03/09 DIC XIDAS, Jabalpur 6 Establishment All the services and support required by small entrepreneurs is provided under the single roof of the District Industries Centre. For comprehensive understanding of DIC I am taking an example of Gujarat’s district Centre. Till 1997gujrat has set up 23 district Industrial Centers , few of them are : Amreli, Bhavnagar, Kutch, Junagadh, Sabarkantha, Banaskantha, Panchmahal, Bharuch, Surendranagar, Mehsana, Valsad, Surat, Vadodara, Kheda, Ahmedabad, Rajkot ,Jamnagar ,Ganadhinagar etc.

Administration : 

09/03/09 DIC XIDAS, Jabalpur 7 Administration

Monitoring of DICs : 

09/03/09 DIC XIDAS, Jabalpur 8 Monitoring of DICs District Industrial Executive Committee (DIEC) Single Window Industrial Follow up Team (SWIFT)

Functions of DICs : 

09/03/09 DIC XIDAS, Jabalpur 9 Functions of DICs Registration Infrastructure Assistance Incentive Scheme Seminars Others Activities Self Employment scheme Co-operative Package Scheme

Conclusion : 

09/03/09 DIC XIDAS, Jabalpur 10 Conclusion In India District Industrial Center’s playing vital role in entrepreneur development. This initiative of government produced some good results like, generating self employment, at the same time it is reducing regional imbalance among developed and underdeveloped region of country. Inspite of many good results, there is some bottleneck in this schemes which is stopping people to take benefits of this scheme. Like :- lack of information.

References : 

09/03/09 DIC XIDAS, Jabalpur 11 References Rao Prabhakaran J.V (2000), Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Kanishka publishers distributors, New Delhi. http://ic.gujarat.gov.in/about-us/DIC.htm access on 04/02/09 http://agra.nic.in/hist.htm access on 08/02/09

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