Holy Month of Ramadan

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Ramadan Feast: 

Ramadan Feast Fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, which requires Muslims to fast during the daylight hours. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Hijri (lunar) Calendar, during which God revealed the Holy Qur’an to Prophet Mohammed.

What does it means?: 

What does it means? It means much more than just abstaining from food, drink, tobacco, and intimate contact during daylight hours. It is also a time for extra devotion and worship, intensive study of the Qur’an, extra charity and self discipline.

Much more….: 

Much more…. Muslims believe that fasting is good for both the body and the spirit. Not only does it help cleanse the body of toxins and clear the mind; it also encourages self-discipline, and an appreciation of the hardships which some people face every day of their lives.

And more…..: 

And more….. It is a time to think and speak kindly of one’s fellow man, avoid arguments, create bonds of co-operation and to share one’s bounty.

Who should fast?: 

Who should fast? All Muslims (men & women) who are of ‘full age’ – the age of puberty and discretion, which is usually given as around 14 years of age – and who are mentally and physically sound, are expected to fast throughout the days of Ramadan from just before sunrise until sunset.

Things to follow…..: 

Things to follow….. Do not eat, drink or smoke in public areas, government offices, private offices, in the street or in the car while you are driving. No chewing gum in public. Eating/Drinking only in the designated area by the management. Smoking should be in closed room. Dress appropriately and modestly covered (No shorts, open skirts, sleeveless dresses, tight trousers)

Unique Experience: 

Unique Experience It’s an opportunity to all of us (Non Muslims) to experience this Holy Month of Ramadan as an unique social environment that we will enjoy together By showing your understanding and respect of the importance of this occasion, it can be a special and interesting time for you too!

As proverb says: 

As proverb says Do in Rome as Romans do

Remember The Basic : 

Be an Ambassador of Your Hotel In and Outside the Workplace….. And Wishing You All “RAMADAN KARIM” “Blessed Ramadan to all”! Remember The Basic

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