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Bending Machine is continuous processing of multiple files at the same time, suitable for large scale standardized operation needs.Patented notching blade, milling processing technology, no spark, no dust.Once cutting for different thickness, efficient and fast..


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Bending Machines Manufacturer And Supplier


Metal bending is a process by which metal is deformed and it’s impinge on is tainted. In this process the metal is placed asleep tremendous appeal attention to in order to rearrange its influence however this bring out is never above the ultimate tensile strength of the metal. This process can be used to create different shapes in metals.


Usually vendors use some standard die sets to produce different types of shapes. The metal is kept in place by a clamp or hold downs and it is placed on a die. Then the upper part of the press is pushed into the metal thereby forcing it to change its shape. Air bending is one such process which is done with the help of a punch.


The punch touches the metal and pushes it into the cavity but it does not push the metal fully into the lower cavity. This process is used to produce metal bends with lesser bends but greater included angle.


Usually the spring back amount of the metal once the punch is released depends entirely on the temper, the grain and the thickness of the metal. In the coining or bottoming method, the punch pushes the metal to the bottom of the cavity in the die thereby resulting is a controlled angle.


The metal has very little spring back. Roll bending is another type of bending by which a curve is induced on the metal plate by passing it between rollers. Apart from this rotary bending is another popular bending process which can produce bends on metal with angles greater than 90 degrees.


Bending is a process which is used to produce channel shape, U shape as well as V shape materials. Usually for this process, the pan brakes, the brake press as well as the specialized presses are used.


This process is fairly inexpensive especially when used for medium s well as low quantities especially due to the fact that this metal does not require many varied and specialized tools. These days there are a number of vendors offering metal bending services at attractive rates.


You can even check out some of the samples of their metal bending processes and then finalize the vendor of your choice after having inspected their end products. Signvec Technology was established in 1997 and has to-date made a name for ourselves in the engraving and signcraft industry.


Signvec are the manufacturer and authorize distributor for Universal Laser Systems, Vision Engraving & Router Systems, Bending Machine, Kite Laser Systems, Signvec Engravers, Router, Laser Systems and Cutting Plotters, Digital Solvent Inkjet Colour Printers as well as engraving materials for South East Asia.


Signvec Bending Machine are continuous processing of multiple files at the same time, suitable for large scale standardized operation needs. Patented notching blade, milling processing technology, no spark, no dust. Once cutting for different thickness, efficient and fast.


Signvec International Pte Ltd Contact Us: 10, Ubi Crescent #05-35, Lobby C, UBI Techpark, Singapore – 408564 Tel : (65) 6749 7337 Tel : (65) 6749 7667 Email : Web : To Order Find Out More Information On Bending Machines Please Come And Visit Us Today Onwards..!

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