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Applets : 

Applets Little bits on the web for your math class

What are applets : 

What are applets Small no long wait necessary no discs or installation programs no need to prepare every machine

What are applets : 

What are applets Interactive & dynamic user can change manipulate objects program responds to the user’s input multiple possibilities, many representations

What are applets : 

What are applets On a web page accessible from web, anywhere minimal requirements on the computer

Caveats : 

Caveats Usually requires a browser add-on of some kind Java Flash Some districts use firewalls that prevent access to some sites talk to your IT people Almost always installed! }

Why use them? : 

Why use them? Math has always been about the visual Graphs, diagrams It’s easier now with technology no need for artistic ability

Why use them? : 

Why use them? Link notation to objects “This is a dodecahedron” – which representation is better? Okay... I’m cheating here. This is just an animated gif. On the web, though, the student would be able to freely rotate the dodecahedron, change transparency, etc.

Why use them? : 

Why use them? Accessible anywhere lab, home, library The State of America’s Libraries, 2007: 69 percent of U.S. households have Internet access Virtually all (99 percent) public libraries provide free public computer access to the Internet

Why use them? : 

Why use them? Can be use to generate examples Stats classes graphing data fitting data to curves

Why use them? : 

Why use them? Can be fun

And other topics : 

And other topics Are covered in the wiki... Where to find them How to use them How to make them

And so we begin... : 

And so we begin... Head off to the wiki (webpage) Instructions on handout and on web

Don’t worry about : 

Don’t worry about time time on task strictly focusing on applets following sequentially noise level

Lots to learn : 

Lots to learn follow your interests use the Discussion button on the wiki talk to others watch what others are doing show them what you find

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