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The Crime Scene Investigation plays a very crucial role in the criminal investigation process. Every scene of crime is delicate in nature. Therefore, suitable processing is the most primary requisite in the criminal investigation proceedings. The students will be taught the way to process every crime scene differently.


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Crime Scene Investigation WHAT IS CRIME The word Crime is derived from the Latin root Cerno meaning "I Decide I Give Judgment. Crime is the breach of Rules or Laws for which some Governing Authority via mechanisms such as legal systems can Ultimately Prescribe a Conviction.

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Crime Scene Investigation PROSPECTUS Module-1: Crime Scene Investigations Module-2: Physical Evidence Module-3: Investigation Techniques Module-4: Glass Evidence Module-5: Soil Evidence Module-6: Paint Evidence Module-7: Tool Marks and Impressions Module-8: Fiber

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Crime Scene Investigation CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION Based on the Scientific Method and the Locard Exchange Principle Logic and Forensic Techniques Involve Recognition- Scene Survey Documentation Collection Identification- Comparison Testing Individualization- Evaluation and Interpretation Reconstruction- Reporting and Presenting Goals are to determine the following… What happened Where did it happen When did it happen Why did it happen Who may have perpetrated these actions How was the incident carried out

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Crime Scene Investigation TYPE OF CRIME SCENE INDOOR CRIME SCENE: Evidence at an indoor scene is generally less susceptible to loss contamination and deleterious change. Indoor crime scenes are usually easier to secure and protect and securing a scene can be as simple as closing a door. OUTDOOR CRIME SCENE: The outdoor crime scene is the most vulnerable to loss contamination and deleterious change of physical evidence in a relatively short period of time. Individuals with access to the scene can potentially alter destroy or contaminate evidence.

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Crime Scene Investigation TYPE OF EVIDENCE Direct Evidence that if true proves an alleged fact includes first hand observations such as eyewitness accounts. Confessions are also considered direct evidence. Also police dash videos Circumstantial Evidence is indirect evidence that can be used to imply a fact but that does not directly prove it but circumstantial evidence at a crime scene may provide a link between the crime scene and the suspect. Circumstantial evidence can be either physical or biological in nature.

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Crime Scene Investigation PHYSICAL EVIDENCE PHYSICAL EVIDENCE includes impressions such as… Fingerprints Footprints Shoe Prints Tire Impressions Tool Marks Fibers Weapons Bullets Cartridge Cases.

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Crime Scene Investigation BIOLOGICAL EVIDENCE BIOLOGICAL EVIDENCE includes… Body Fluids Hair Plant Parts Natural Fibers.

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Crime Scene Investigation THE 7 th CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION Securing the Scene Separating the Witnesses Scanning the Scene Seeing the Scene Sketching the Scene Searching for Evidence Securing Collecting Evidence

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Crime Scene Investigation SECURING COLLECTING EVIDENCE 1:Evidence can be massive to Microscopic. 2: May only be detected in a Crime Lab ex. traces of Blood on Clothing Hair and Fibers from Vacuum Sweeps. 3: It is sometimes necessary to confiscate clothing from victim and perp. 4: Critical areas should be vacuumed sweepings from different areas must be kept separate. 5: Finger nail scrapings must also be taken from suspects and victims.

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Crime Scene Investigation SECURING COLLECTING EVIDENCE All Evidence Needs to be Properly Packaged Sealed and Labeled. The Evidence log should contain all Pertinent Information Including: Case No Item Inventory No Description of the Evidence Name of Suspect Name of Victim Date Time of Recovery Signature of Person Recovering the Evidence Signature of any Witnesses Present

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