How to Look Younger: 10 Secrets Ways to Get Younger Look

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You have to make a number of changes like sleeping patterns, physical workouts, eating habits, stress levels and skin-care routine. All of these have direct impact on your face. Let us know a few things to get younger look.


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10 Ways To Get Younger Look

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Signs of ageing like wrinkles and age spots occur due to ultraviolet rays. Use a good quality sunscreen cream to prevent harmful rays of the sun ... USE SUNSCREEN CREAM

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Your body is restored overnight and that also includes your face. Cells repair DNA damage while you sleep ENOUGH SLEEP

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This hand-held brush has bristles that oscillate 300 times a second. The bristles are designed to cleanse dirt out of pores for smoother and younger looking skin. USE A CLARISONIC CLEANSING BRUSH

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EAT MORE OILY FISH Oily fish or fish oil supplements contain essential fatty acids . It helps our brain to work smoothly and is considered important for the well-being of skin-cell-membranes.

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DRINK MORE WATER Drinking more water helps to remove the toxins from your body and also improves the way your body work

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FACIAL WORKOUTS Tiny and hand-held device is used to pass electrical currents between a pair of electrodes to improve saggy face muscles, and lift creepy necks

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REDUCE SUGAR FROM YOUR DIET According to skin experts and nutritionists, extreme intake of sugar aggravates a process, called glycation. This is responsible for skin ageing.

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PRACTICE WORKOUTS DAILY Regular workouts will improve your circulation that enhances blood flow to the skin.

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QUIT SMOKING Smoking prevents the skin from getting oxygen and this enhances skin ageing. It creates more wrinkles on your skin.

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REDUCE THE INTAKE OF ALCOHOL Alcohol dehydrates the body and dilates the capillaries. It forms a reddish flush on the face and an inflammation on the body.

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