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eTwinning project: GAME!:

eTwinning project: GAME! some famous Parks and gardens 5eme 3 College les EYQUEMS MERIGNAC FRANCE

Voici les consignes::

Voici les consignes: Mettez vos noms sur deux ou trois diapos. Faites vos recherches sur un parc ou jardin très célèbre dans un pays anglophone (où on parle Anglais) Inscrivez le nom du parc. Dites où il se trouve, dans quel pays , partie du pays état exactement mettez une carte. Avec des flèches animations etc. Donnez des détails avec des phrases simples que des élèves même les plus jeunes peuvent comprendre. les autres élèves européens vous liront avec intérêt. Pour vous aider, chercher également des infos sur des sites en Français. Mais ne les utilisez pas, les autres élèves ne parlent qu’Anglais. Voici quelques idées en vrac. je fais ça vous voyez? Et enfin celui que je connais le mieux: Bye et bon travail. Teacher Mme coquilat


CC CENTRAL PARK : Central Park is situated in the city of New York, in the State of New York and the country is the USA (United,States of America) .Central Park is a green space, with lakes, footpaths, two ice rinks and a zoo. it’s big Zermane Laura


MAP OF USA : NEW YORK laura zermane


MAP OF CENTRAL PARK: ZOO strawberry Fields Bethesda fountain Conservatory Garden Reservoir laura zermane

Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon The grand canyon is an enormous place( it is 29 km long, it is 443 wide and 1737 meters deep).The horizontal strata of the grand canyon are 2 billion years old. The river "Colorado"runs through it. Colorado Footbridge of the Colorado 21m

PowerPoint Presentation:

The Grand Canyon national Park in Arizona The Colorado The map of Arizona and the map of the Grand Canyon dupouy tia

Other information:

Other information T He Grand Canyon, English Grand Canyon, Hopi Ongtupqa in yavapai Wi kai: the is a canyon of the United States located in the northwestern Arizona. It was carved by the Colorado River in the plateau of the same name. Founded in 1919, The park covers a protected 4927 km2N 1 territory. It is visited annually by more than four million visitors. Natural and landscape diversity of the region has been recognized World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1979. The Grand Canyon is crossed by a very famous road:la road 66.It is Built in 1925 and are 4 000 km. dupouy tia In winter the grand canyon is Cover with snow The Grand Canyon and his bit surrounding lives in numerous animals :Squirrel,ibex ,deer ,condor ,,félins,lizards,ect... He(It) ya approximately 1737 sorts(species) known for vascular plants, 167 sorts(species) of mushrooms, 64 sorts(species) of froths(mosses) and 195 sorts(species) of lichens found in the national park of the Grand Canyon.

Tongariro National park:

Tongariro National park Tongariro is situated in north of New Zealand. It’s a UNESCO-listed park. There are volcanoes: Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Tongariro. The mountains of the park have got a religious significance for the Maori people. dimension, rivière et autres détails importants Thalie Claderes

Tongariro National park:

It’s a big park: 795,98 km 2 . There is a river, Whanganui, it takes its source in the north of the Tongariro in the river Rotoaira. The Tongariro River Rotoaira Thalie Claderes Tongariro National park

Map of New Zeland :

Map of New Zeland The Tongariro National parc is here The Tongariro is 1 978m high Thalie Claderes

Hyde Park:

Hyde Park Hyde Park is the largest park in central London , in England, with a length of more than 2 kilometers and half a mile wide . There is even a lake!!! Andréa LACASSAGNE of Hyde park (in London) It’s large!

Map Of England(And London):

Map Of England(And London) L O N D O N England Andréa LACASSAGNE

Regent’s Park:

Regent’s Park Regent's Park extends over 410 acres . It’s in London(in England) The lake is the haven for wild birds and waterfowl, and Open Air Theatre every summe r . Andréa Lacassagne the map of Regent’s Park It’s verry big!!!

Hyde Park is a 140 hectares park where you can do a lot of things ( Marie, Mayssa)::

Hyde Park is a 140 hectares park where you can do a lot of things ( Marie, Mayssa) :

This is the beautiful bridge Serpentine Marie,Mayssa.:

This is the beautiful bridge Serpentine Marie,Mayssa.

There are several celebrity who can be seen in Hyde Park (Mayssa,Marie) : :

There are several celebrity who can be seen in Hyde Park (Mayssa,Marie) :

The red garden in Australia:

The red garden in Australia The red garden is big . There is no one. It’s an abandoned earth .There is a little vegetation (Romeo and Hugo) hugo,roméo

This is a map of the park of Alexander Morrisson :

This is a map of the park of Alexander Morrisson Australia is situated in pacific ocean. Alexander Morrison National Park Alexander Morrison National Park IUCN Category II ( National Park ) Location Western Australia, Australia Town near Coorow Coordinates 30 ° 03 '01 " North 115 ° 17 ' 28" East 85 km2 area creation 1970 Administration Department of the Environment of Western Australia Geolocation on the map : Western Australia (See location on map: Western Australia) Alexander Morrison National Park ( See location on map : Australia) change Consult the documentation of the model Alexander Morrison National Park is located 200 km north of Perth, capital of Western Australia. It has an area of ​​85 km ². It is occupied by sandy hills covered with heather and shrubs , and a few small rivers meander there . It owes its name to the teacher "Alexander Morrison ", the first professor of Australian botany. It does not have any particular arrangement , no water point , tables picnic or camping . ( hugo,roméo) hugo,roméo

PowerPoint Presentation:

(Hugo et Romeo) this is the park uluru-kata tjuta it’s very big and there is a storm! The park of Uluru kata Tjuta

the yellowstone (Romeo et Hugo):

the yellowstone (Romeo et Hugo) Yellowstone National Park is located in the United States, northwestern Wyoming. A small portion of the park is the neighboring states of Idaho and Montana. Established in 1872, Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the world. Wikipedia Address: Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190, USA Area: 8,983 km ²

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Greenwich is situated in the south-east of England in London. It is a royal park and is near the river Thames. And it is the first royal park of the capital. Fortot.Eva Greenwich is in London Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park:

Greenwich Park This is the picture of the Greenwich Park it’s beautiful park !!!!! Fortot.Eva

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