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Sid Roth’s desire is for all people to know Jesus. His God-ordained strategy is to go to the Jew first. He has found that platforming God’s miracles is the best method available for reaching Jewish people with the gospel. That is why he started It’s Supernatural! television over ten years ago.


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Sid Roth Interview Session With Ken t o p s i t e n e t . c o m/article/304873-sid-roth-interview-session-with-ken S I D : - Ken you said the devil is always after our seed. What do you mean by that K E N : - Well I was in a church service not too long ago and the pastor preached on kids and the pastor came up and talked about we’re going to give an offering and if you have children away from God I want to encourage you to give a special seed because this is family we’re going to call this family seed for your children. And he said “Don’t let the devil steal your seed. If he speaks something to you to give do it because the devil wants your seed.” And that stuck with me and I thought the devil is after the seed. The devil is always after the seed. Then I thought what is our most important seed Of course financially we must have money to make it but our most important seed is not our money because we can’t take that with us. It’s not your house or your career. Our most important seed is our children. That’s the one thing you can take to Heaven with you is your children. And so seed must be invested in must be planted. Then it must be nurtured as it grows up so there is no greater picture in the Bible of the importance of training our children properly than the principle of the seed. S I D : - Now you say there’s a supernatural psalm that literally can help devil-proof our home. Tell me about that Psalm 127. K E N : - Psalm 127 five verses that begins “Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it. Except the Lord keep the city the watchmen wakes but in vain.” Well the Jewish people teach us that the builder is the husband the father and the watcher is the wife the woman which the man is the one that leads. He’s the leader of the family but the woman is the watcher or has all these different avenues that they see things. And so God has designed that partnership to then produce children. And then it says that “Our children are like arrows in the hand of a mighty man.” So what is an arrow An arrow is a weapon but it’s not a weapon unless it’s prepared properly and then unless it’s put into the bow and aimed and then it’s fired. So our children we’re preparing them. We’re making sure they’re a straight arrow. Their shaft is straight. We’re making sure their arrowhead is sharp. We’re putting the Word of God in them and then there comes the day that your children you love them but they leave you and that’s God plan. The entire time they’re growing up we’re preparing them for leaving. They begin to leave the day that they’re born. S I D : - So you actually see this as a supernatural blueprint to devil-proof our home. K E N : - Absolutely. SID:- Is it possible to keep our children from what culture is doing to them 1 / 3

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K E N : - Yes there is. Ideally we do this all the time that they’re growing up. We begin when they’re young. Take this very seriously. Live this out in front of them. The greatest thing our children the greatest way they’re going to learn how to stand against the culture and the enemy of our time is for us as mom and dad or if you’re a single parent you can still do this model this for them. S I D : - Tell me about the supernatural blessing of a family serving God. K E N : - Well Sid we find it in Deuteronomy in Deuteronomy Chapter 6 in what the Jews call the Shema where it talks about you’re to serve love the Lord your God with all your heart soul and mind and then we’re supposed to diligently put this in our children talking about this when we rise up and we lie down when we walk by the Way. This is talking about a commitment to train our children in the Word of God. And then when we do that it goes on to say “And God will give you houses that you didn’t build.” He’ll give you cities that you didn’t build. He’ll give you olive trees olive vineyards and trees that you didn’t plant. So this is supernatural. This is committing to God to love. It’s really very simple. Love God. Put the love of God in your kids and then the blessing of God comes on you to do something that you couldn’t do on your own.SID roth : - Okay. The people watching us right now what they’re saying is that sounds wonderful but it’s too late for me. They need some supernatural hope for their children some supernatural hope for their marriage. I want you to pray for them right now. K E N : - I’ve got that hope for you. And here it is Acts 16:31 this promise in the New Testament where Paul says “If you’ll believe in the Lord Jesus Christ you’ll be saved.” Now that is awesome. But it goes further than that. He says “You’ll be saved and your house.” That means your family. So what we’re saying is you can begin today. In fact this prayer will release a brand new anointing in your life and in your family to bring this to pass. Why Because your prayers are powerful. They reach out. They can cause events to begin to happen in the lives of your children your relatives. We’re going to pray right now. We’re going to stand on Acts 16:31. We’re going to believe that God is going to begin to move in your family. So Heavenly Father I ask you right now in Jesus’ name for these people that are watching for their families we pray that the anointing of God the angels of God may people come into their path that will preach to them the wonderful Gospel that they will hear. Lord begin to work in these families. And we claim their family members their blood family members to be saved to be touched by the power of God. We command the devil to take his hands off them and we speak this and declare it to be done in Jesus’ name. S I D : - And I’m going to tell some of you this. Do you remember how Trudi would reach over and put her hand on Ken while he’s sleeping and pray in tongues I tell you the Word of God says in Exodus 12 “A lamb for a house a lamb for a family.” You and your house will be saved. read more:- 2 / 3

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