From Dust to Dust

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Slide 1: 

The vehicle for the last journey ready !

Slide 2: 

The passenger but motionless, feeling-less, life-less

Slide 3: 

It (not ‘he’ anymore) need a well-defined set of purification

Slide 4: 

… perfectly cleaned before releasing it to the dust that it came from !

Slide 5: 

Ready to be covered in 3 pieces of white clothes, top-to-toe !

Slide 6: 

…… like this !

Slide 7: 

Till few hours ago, ‘it’ was an icon or legend, but now a grave concern to others in keeping it among them …

Slide 8: 

And they bring ‘it’ here, called grave, with a universal standard in depth and breadth for a poor or rich …!

Slide 9: 

The inevitable destination for the never-challenged-&-never-failed “From-Dust-to-Dust” metamorphism …

Slide 10: 

Not a fiction, but a real moment of moments-away-from-total-burial-of-decades-long-melodrama !

Slide 11: 

None to accompany to this six feet depth…the moment of realization of the epitome of life, but too late … the moment of repent, alas, missed the boat!!!

Slide 12: 

They are busy in closing the hole ... as quickly as possible !

Slide 13: 

And it is a unanimous decision by all who gathered there !!! That was the universal rule !

Slide 14: 

Because, it is the rule of our Lord !

Slide 15: 

Final moments of the cessation…!

Slide 16: 

Done !! There are hundreds of such grave. All are similar. The whole cycle will dawn upon me too at any time ! No exception or exemption in this rule of our Lord !

Slide 17: 

‘Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing’, Shakespeare. It seems so, but not really ….!

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