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Raja & Raja cater to the terrace waterproofing services in Chembur with the best quality and affordable rates. We have a trained professional team to provide all waterproofing services


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Waterproofing Solution for Toilets

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Introduction Raja & Raja provide waterproofing solutions for RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) construction structures which includes terraces, parapet walls, ducts, concealed leak lines, sidewalls, balconies, WCs, bathrooms, kitchen sinks, water tanks, swimming pools and basements. With our client base ranging from individuals and factories to contractors and organizations, we have gained a wide range of experience. We specialize in solving every kind of leakage challenge, with highly effective products and end-to-end after-sales support.

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Waterproofing Solution for Toilets No other They house the majority of plumbing works, showers and sinks. Naturally, these spaces stand a higher risk of floor or roof seepage or leakage. Besides, if we draw attention to the tiny cracks and openings of pipes that eventually damage the structure, it is hard to ignore the foul smells and mildew growth that accompany them.

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Contact Details For more information visit to : OR Call On: +91-22-25080101

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