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Wireless Fidelity


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Wireless Fidelity:

Wireless Fidelity WI-FI Sidhant Chatterjee Electronics and Communication 1 st Year


Introduction… Wi-Fi is a mechanism for wirelessly connecting electronic devices . Wi-Fi networks use radio technologies to transmit and receive data at high speed.

Components of a Wi-fi network…:

Components of a Wi-fi network… Access Point (AP) - A wireless LAN transceiver or base station. Wi-Fi cards – Accept the wireless signal and relay information. They can be internal and external. Safeguards - Firewalls and anti-virus software protect networks.

Wi-fi network topologies…:

Wi-fi network topologies… AP-based topology (Infrastructure Mode) Peer-to-peer topology (Ad-hoc Mode) Point-to-multipoint bridge topology

AP-based topology… :

AP-based topology… Communicate through AP. BSA-RF coverage provided by an AP. ESA-It consists of 2 or more BSA. ESA cell includes 10-15% overlap to allow roaming.

Peer-to-peer topology:

Peer-to-peer topology AP is not required. Client devices within a cell can communicate directly with each other. It is useful for setting up of a wireless network quickly and easily.

Point-to-multipoint bridge topology :

Point-to-multipoint bridge topology Use Line -of-Sight (LoS)strategy. Used to connect a LAN between buildings which are miles apart.

Functioning of Wi-Fi networks…:

Functioning of Wi-Fi networks… A Wi-Fi hotspot is created by installing an access point to an internet connection. Wi-Fi enabled device encounters a hotspot the device can then connect to that network wirelessly Many access points can be connected to each other via Ethernet cables to create a single large network.

Campus wide wi-fi systems….:

Campus wide wi-fi systems…. Many traditional college campuses provide at least partial wireless Wi-Fi Internet coverage Results in easy availibility high speed wireless internet access Can handle a dense network of peers at a single time High cost factor and high data loss risk are some of the drawbacks of wifi systems… In 2000, Drexel University in Philadelphia became the United States's first major university to offer completely wireless Internet access across its entire campus. Pune was india’s first Wi-Fi city

City wide wifi systems…:

City wide wifi systems… In 2005 Sunnyvale, California , became the first city in the United States to offer city-wide free Wi-Fi , and Minneapolis has generated $1.2 million in profit annually for its provider . In 2004, Mysore became India's first Wi-fi -enabled city and second in the world after Jerusalem. A company called WiFiyNet has set up hotspots in Mysore, covering the complete city and a few nearby villages . In May 2010, London, UK, Mayor Boris Johnson pledged to have London-wide Wi-Fi by 2012.Islington in London already has extensive outdoor Wi-Fi coverage.

Advantages and limitations…:

Advantages and limitations… Mobility Ease of Installation Flexibility Cost Reliability Security Use unlicensed part of the radio spectrum Roaming Speed Interference Degradation in performance High power consumption Limited range


Threats… Wi-fi works with no physical wired connection between sender and receiver by using radio frequency. The most common wireless encryption standards, wired equivalent privacy has been shown to be using breakable even when correctly configured.


Applications… High data transmission rate and high reliability in all weather conditions, and an always available (95% Uptime) network makes wifi a robust solution suitable for high bandwidth applications…. Online video-conferencing with greater clarity - Telephony, using VoIP - Revenue-model for budding start-up ISPs - Broadband in the true sense - Easier reach into far-flung rural areas Ability to add more nodes as and when required Less maintenance overheads, especially in Rural areas where technical manpower is scarce.


Hopes… Wireless fidelity a an extreemly new concept that is and will be playing a crucial role in building a whole new technological aspect of the world. We feel that this would lead the world in a new era of communication replacing all types of wired communication with the wireless systems…

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Thanking You… Sidhant Chatterjee Electronics and communication 1 st year

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