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DRUG INFORMATION CENTRE AND SERVICES SIDDARDHA S.A M.Pharm (Pharm. Analysis & QA) Reg no: 1161655003

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Objective:: History What is DIC ? Information Sources Role of Pharmacist Answering of queries Drug Information Bulletin

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What is Drug Information Centre?? “The Drug Information Centre (DIC) is a service offered through Pharmacy department which provides advice and act as a referral service by directing the best available resource to respond to query or concern.” * The DIC caters the need of Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, Patients and Other Health care professionals.

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HISTORY: First DIC was developed in University of Kentucky in 1960. In United states 80% of the Hospitals having DIC. India, in infancy stage with 15 centers. In India first DIC is developed by Kasturba medical college in association with Karnataka State Pharmacy council.

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Who provides information? Drug Expert – Pharmacist Further trained in Information Science ‘Drug-Information Pharmacist’ Post Graduation in Pharmacology.

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Available Information in DIC:: General Pharmacological Toxicity Formulation Pharmacokinetics Adverse effects

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Sources of Information:: ‘The information should be properly updated and maintained.’ Three types:: Primary source Secondary source Tertiary source

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1. PRIMARY SOURCE: Original information Scientific Journals Thesis Proceedings of conferences

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2. SECONDARY SOURCE: Modified and rearranged form. Review articles. Hand books. Text Books.

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3.TERTIARY SOURCE: Representative form Pharmacopeias - IP, BP, USP, BNF etc., Encyclopedia Dictionaries Guides

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Other Sources:: The DIC also receives information from the public and hospitals about the Adverse effects of any drug. Local drug lists National Formularies Hospital Formularies Internet Phone calls to Manufacturers, Government and Non-government organizations and also to other DIC’s.

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Services Offered: Information about drugs. Poison management information. Patient education service. Assistance on drug usage to patients. Professional assistance for investigations in drug usage. Drug related information to hospital staff. Reporting and investigating ADR. Publications.

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Role of Pharmacist: Must be a part of DIC. ‘The Drug-Information Pharmacist’ is at interface of vast amount knowledge on onside and the persons needing the knowledge on other. PHARMACIST Information Of Literature Patients & Health care team

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Steps in Answering::

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Reference: Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice ; Volume 4; Issue 2; Pg.53.

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Reference: Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice ; Volume 4; Issue 2; Pg.53.

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Reference: Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice ; Volume 4; Issue 2; Pg.53.

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Reference: International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine 19 ( 2007) 127-133

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DRUG INFORMATION BULLETIN:: The centre publishes a Drug information Bulletin for transmission of information to the members of health care team. Regular publication is needed on the latest developments.

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CONCLUSION:: Pharmacist role in expanding. Clinical training have developed role. New technologies and resources. Increasing ease of access of Information. Leading role in Pharmaceutical care.

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