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HOPE worldwide India, Tigri School


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Welcome ! :

Welcome ! HOPE Tigri School A-515, A BLOCK Near Police Station, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi-110062

Welcome to India, New Delhi:

Welcome to India, New Delhi


The Tigri Education Centre is located in a large slum in an area called Sangam Vihar in South Delhi . Hundreds of thousands of people live in very cramped and unsanitary conditions. Most are migrants from nearby states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana , Bengal, etc… These people are compelled to move to Delhi because of poverty. As bad as their living conditions are in Delhi, at least they can get jobs and feed their families. Most people make only a couple of thousands of rupees a months. A typical family will live on about Rs 5,000 a month (50 pound approx) . A kilo of rice is Rs 40 , rent for one room (no bathroom, no kitchen…) will be Rs.2000 , a kilo of tomatoes Rs30-40, a loaf of bread Rs30, a dozen bananas Rs 40, etc… ( 1 GBP= 100 Rupees) The area only has two government schools so children are left to roam the streets while their parents are at work. This is why we have two schools in this area, including the one you will visit tomorrow… HOPE worldwide Education Centre, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi


No proper sewage system


Rubbish out in the open everywhere…


Very narrow lanes


O ne of our students home. Families of seven live in one tiny room .


Girls are usually not encouraged to go to school .

Class room:

Class room


Class room

Outing with American Embassy School :

Outing with American Embassy School

AES Students Are Visited Our Students Home:

AES Students Are Visited Our Students Home

Pray before mid-day meal:

Pray before mid-day meal


Yummy food………… Mid-day meal

Mid- Day meals (We provide nutritious hot meals every day) :

Mid- Day meals ( We provide nutritious hot meals every day)

We got sponsorship :

We got sponsorship

Stage performance of our students:

Stage performance of our students

Volunteer from Egypt:

Volunteer from Egypt

Volunteers from Accenture:

Volunteers from Accenture

Volunteers from Thailand:

Volunteers from Thailand

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission):

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission)

Tigri School:

Tigri School Started in – 2004 Lives touched : 1100 + Number of students at present – 300 + Classes pre-nursery to 7 th Grade Number of teachers – 10 Number of other staff - 8

Our teachers / Staff with Mr. & Mrs. Santa:

Our teachers / Staff with Mr. & Mrs. Santa



Supportive donors:

Supportive donors

Supporting donors:

Supporting donors

Thank you :

Thank you

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