Difference between the Education in India and Abroad

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Difference between the Education in India and Abroad:

Difference between the Education in India and Abroad

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Education is the key for the success of any country and the betterment of any individual. There are different approaches towards education and it depends on the culture and mindset of different races. More precisely, there is a difference between the approaches as far as education is concerned in the western countries and in India. In fact, there are clear cut differences in the objective of education in both sides.

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The foreign students take education more like a learning process. Conversely, they opt for the line they are fascinated with and go only for that course and line of career. In this procedure, they likely wait for the right kind of job and don't really consider time as an obstruction. The objective of education in India is more concerned with getting a high salaried job, overseas chances, better marriage prospects and increased status in society. Analysts have also said that the difference is like hell and heaven when it comes to competition, aptitude and the job markets in both zones.

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Abroad the things are more relaxed due to the lesser population, more streamlined procedure and lack of unfair means, things are quite different when we talk about India. Money becomes the root cause because the higher courses are very expensive and can be taken only on an overseas education loan . So, it is more about circumstances than choices for many students. There are many people in India who are not financially sound so they choose their courses according to their affordability.

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Yet, those who manage to get admission into foreign schools are compliant with their terms and conditions and the path is set and clear. The quality is much higher in terms of conducive learning, infrastructure, access to various resources and other facilities.

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Moreover, changes are also noticed in India with top schools which focus on quality and better infrastructure, but there is still that gap between foreign schools and Indian educational institutions. With globalization happening rapidly and economies becoming tighter in developed countries, the changes are being noticed but it will take time to get the things in shape. In India there are limited subjects as compared to foreign and most of the people from India want to get graduate from overseas.

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When the subject demand becomes high in India then there won't be competent teachers to meet the requirement. There will be less job opportunities in India but foreign education gives more jobs. These days Indian education gives more job opportunities in foreign countries and it's true that Indian education gives more knowledge on particular subjects than other countries.

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The basic approach and methodology of teaching is different in both India as well as foreign countries. In India, the focus of education is breadth or depth of knowledge whereas education in most foreign countries strikes a balance. The theoretical knowledge in India is more than practical knowledge and the syllabus is revised frequently.

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The syllabus should be changed with the growing technology to fight back unemployment. The education system of India should understand that education is not about stuffing oneself with knowledge and certificates. It about what is taught us and what we learn.

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